Early Saturday morning, I’m trying to tie together two posts about hair: one about how I am coping with my bald head and one about the Hairy Bikers inspiring me to cook devilled kidneys (which I called kidleys as a child). I’m stuck, so I put the post on hold and go to Facebook. My friend Elmarie’s status update says she’s thinking of cutting her hair very short. OK, coincidence. I move along to reading blogs; Kate Shrewsday is guest blogger on Paula Calhoun’s blog, she’s talking hairs and worms. More coincidence. I decide to listen to some music and go to YouTube and stumble onto an old favourite: the famous laughing version of Are You Lonesome Tonight. And then my child walks into my studio in her pyjamas, holding her Elvis mug and asking for a cup of cocoa. I am officially freaked out …if I had hair it would be standing on end …

Elvis, occasionally during live performances, would randomly change lyrics to give them humorous connotations. One popular instance was recorded at the International Hotel in Vegas on August 26, 1969. During the performance, instead of singing: “Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there”, he sings “Do you gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair“. Moments later, he saw a bald man in the audience (as legend has it), and burst into laughter which continued into the next lines. The audience was treated to additional laughter during the spoken verse singing: “You know someone said that the world’s a stage, and each must play a part.” Seeing the irony of his own lyrics, Elvis was again overtaken by laughter and barely recovered. The audience enjoyed the sincerity of the moment while Elvis regained his composure. Meanwhile the band and backup singers continued to keep the song going. It is speculated that much of Elvis’ mirth derived from the solo backing singer whose falsetto remained resolute throughout. To this, Elvis comes back just in time for the line: “And I had no cause to doubt you” followed by more laughter. So overtaken, Elvis encourages the backup singer to “sing it, baby” drawing even more laughter which nearly brings the house down. (Wikipedia)

I grew up thinking I would marry Elvis. He had such an important place in our lives: I was born on my father’s 21st birthday, the 8th of January; which was also Elvis’s birthday. Interestingly enough, without knowing this and without prompting, Original Bunn has a near-obsession with the late star and collects all manner of Elvis-branded things.

Devilled kidneys, recipe here.