About Me

I’m 54, fit and healthy. I’m a writer and editor currently living on a farm in the Karoo, where I am documenting my project to live off-grid for a year in – and reinvent – a historic labourer’s cottage. My interests include art, literature, South African history and architecture, agriculture with the emphasis on sustenance farming and permaculture and small-scale animal husbandry, philosophy and anthropology. I am an amateur photographer and social media diarist, with an obsession for good, clean food. I smoke, don’t drink alcohol and am physically active.
I’m also an introverted loner who generally hates people and prefers the company of animals. I’ve travelled extensively and shopping malls and neon have no more allure for me, I hate almost everything American and am a grammar Nazi. I also hate the phone and won’t ever answer if you call, but I love chatting, so the advent of the Internet was a life changer for me.


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