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My name is Cindy-Ann, but you may address me in any way you feel comfortable.  I have some nicknames:

‘OC’ (from my company’s name, Original Cin) which has become ‘Ousie’ among some friends, mostly those in my Facebook group; Honour The Fag Hag.

‘Lovie’, which stems from a time when I owned a décor shop in Simonstown (La Vie En Rose).  The ‘bergies’ in the village called my friend and I ‘Lovie en Rose’ and the name stuck.

A lot of people call me Cin.

I was born in Bloemfontein in 1964.

I only attended one school, from Sub A to Matric; Eunice Girls School; I loved school.

I studied Fine Art in East London.

There is little that upsets me more than bigotry.

My favourite day of the week is Sunday.

Writing is like another limb for me, I can’t conceive of life without it.  While I do write fiction and poetry, my real income is derived from editing educational material, and copywriting for advertising agencies on a freelance basis.

Music is an integral part of my life.

I sew and knit well.

The greatest gift from my mother was her rule of an hour’s quiet reading after lunch, before we were allowed back into the swimming pool.  Needless to say, I often skipped the swimming and a life-long love affair with books began.  I don’t understand people who don’t read.

I always have three library books on the go at the same time: A work of fiction, a biography and a non-fiction reference book (cooking, quotations, music history etc).  There are books I keep for emergencies (forgot to go to the library) and dip into from time to time, these are usually collections; I especially enjoy the Granta books.

It is impossible to select a list of favourite authors, I love many and for many reasons.  Some years ago, I resolved to re-read books I’d enjoyed when I was younger.  This resolve came at the advice of my uncle, who said that a young reader would read to discover the plot, whereas a more mature taste would enable the reader to appreciate the craft of the author.  This has proved very true.

The period between World Wars 1 and 2 is particularly interesting to me.

I would love to have met Quentin Crisp…

There’s more, but that’s what this blog is about.


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