WordPress weekly photo challenge: Self Portrait.
In her book, The Thornbirds, Colleen McCullough describes a dress-fabric in a shade of ‘ashes of roses’. I was entranced and it became my personal favourite palette forever, with periodic and brief forays into brights. But I always return to pastels… Montage on my office noticeboard:

Thirty-two and forty-seven. Those were the birthdays my husband forgot. Thirty-two was understandable; we had a new baby, were moving into a new house and his older daughter was being taken to Canada by her mother. He had a lot on his plate. We got married on my fortieth birthday, so forgetting forty-seven was rather vexing. I sulked a bit. Forty-eight is looming, but he will be away and so, with us being childless over the past weekend, we celebrated my birthday and our wedding anniversary in advance.
I was eager to introduce him to Weltevreden Farm, after…

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