This is the result of an experiment I did in December 2016. The volume of two large black refuse bags can be reduced to this if you recycle, keep a small bucket at your kitchen door for compostable waste and never put any wet shit (cooked food, leaking tins etc) into your garbage.
I did not have to make any additional time in my daily schedule to accommodate my experiment, it was simply an adjustment to a mindset; to shop mindfully and try to diminish my personal damage to the earth, from a point of both a private activism and a selfish desire for aesthetics; big black stinky rubbish bins are fucking ugly to have standing around for a week until collection day.
Not all my workshops were about cooking healthy food. This one was perfect for people who like convenience food, or have no alternative for whatever reason, and shared my  tips on how to shop, how to chuck and what to keep.