I thought I’d better post something before WordPress deletes my blog due to inactivity, and to let my friends know that I am alive and well.

Sometimes we only see how life balances out when we look back on it. It’s been six months since I lost my brother and – within a fortnight of his death – six months since I got my daughter back.  And so my grief was tempered by having this whirlwind of joy move permanently into my everyday life and turn my silent apartment into a home.

She’s a force of nature, this beautiful child of mine; funny, smart and with a will of steel. It’s a daily blessing to see her happy, healthy and simply soaring in her new school.

My gratitude knows no bounds, truly.

chel 2

And now that I have a life again, I am cooking and baking again and – hopefully – will be back to blogging regularly again.



  1. Yes, please do. You have a wonderful writing style. You enrich my day….when there is a blog….far and few in between…..



    Ulla von Holtz po box 66, windhoek, namibia tel +264 61 220 580 cell +264 81 122 3040 ulla@starfish.com.na

  2. That is a wonderful upside; so sad that the down one was so drastic.
    It is always such a pleasure to keep connected, or reconnect, with those who were fellow passengers on the 24.com/Letterdash rollercoaster.

  3. It’s so lovely to hear from you Cin, and I certainly have been missing you and wondering how you are. I miss your engaging posts and wonderful writing. How lovely to have your daughter back in your life even if it means sitting in a car for two hours while she has her Spanish lessons. Whenever I whinge and moan about those times, an older person always says, ‘One day you’ll look back and realise how fantastic those times were’. xx

  4. God is good all the time Ms Cin. so lovely to read that there sunshine and happiness in your spirit. please share this site http://www.choma.co.za with OBunn if you do not mind. it is an online magazine targeted at Adolescents and young adults between the ages of 15-25. Sharing is caring 🙂
    Missed your posts, hope to see more from you.
    Much Love.

  5. I have so missed your blogs! Thanks for the update and I am very pleased to read that you are happy. I love how you have drawn a stranger like myself into your life’s story! I look forward to more regular updates. Wishing you much love and happiness. Regards, Nicolette.

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