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arts on main

Many things can happen when life deals you a series of blows. You can fall apart in many ways, or you can take up the offer made by true friends and lean on them. I’ve done a lot, a whole lot, of leaning over the past sixteen months and my friends have come through for me every time. Often it has simply been that curious thing that woman do; just ‘sitting’ with me while I absorb and come to terms with new troubles.

Comfort food of the first order: Breakfast at Canteen:

canteen breakfast
In the past two weeks I’ve had two major blows; my daughter went to boarding school and my husband told me this morning that there is no chance of our marriage being reconciled. Instinctively, I wanted nothing more than to climb into a vat of wine and drown myself. But I didn’t; I allowed my friends to rally.

house of baobab
My very good friend, Ellen, took me to spend the day at Arts On Main today. This precinct is part of the attempt to rejuvenate the city centre of Johannesburg and is a hidden gem. A little hub of quirky restaurants serving anything from Nigerian food to traditional bistro fare. There’s a flea market with clothing and jewelry stalls and a food market with dozens of stalls selling various ethnic foods and tastebud-tempting cakes and sweets.

delicious cakes
We ate and then trawled all the little shops. I spotted this polka dot frock and thought it the perfect outfit in which to walk tall and thumb my nose at bad luck. I may be retrenched from my job in the near future and the dress will, I am sure, bring me only good luck when I commence my search for a new job.

polka dot frock

I came home with just enough time to have a little rest and write this post and then it will be time to be taken to dinner by another caring friend, my next-door neighbor, Lina.
Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have and thank God for the troubles we don’t have. In my circle of friends I have riches beyond measure; near and far. And I am grateful.



This is not a food post, but here’s a picture of a fine lamb vindaloo with red beans on smashed potatoes to start off with.

lamb vindaloo
I received a friend request on Facebook. Because I saw we had a mutual friend, I accepted. The bloke’s photo looked quite respectable; he didn’t look like a serial killer and his profile didn’t list any weird fetishes, so I accepted. Your man, however, apparently saw me in a rather different light and he immediately popped up in my chat window. This is the conversation that ensued:
Army guy: hello
Me: Hi there, how are you?
Army guy: cool and you
Me: Not really cool, we’re having a bit of a heatwave.
Army Guy: oh sorry about that have been busy also here…..some terlibans attacked some of our men but we have tracked them down
Me: Oh, you in the army?
Army guy: yes
Me: Oh, OK.
Army guy: i will love to get to know more about you where are you from ?
Me: I’m based in Johannesburg, you?
Army guy: am born and brought up in Maryland Baltimore have you been to the state before
Me: No. I have travelled extensively in Europe, but have never been to the USA.
Army guy: Am just here glancing through ammunition and newly delivered weapons what are you doing now ?
Me: Editing a text book. Don’t you have strict security protocol about disclosing your activities?
Army guy: lol we have of cause
Me: Sorry, I am an editor and I can’t help myself from correcting people’s grammar. You mean “of course”?
Army guy: lol yes if i may ask are you married or single ?
Me: I am separated. Where are you stationed?
Army guy: Kabul your husband most have been a looser to have loose a sexy looking lady like you
Me: Thank you.
Army guy: you are welcome do you still have the heart to love again
Me: No, not for a long time. I am still very fragile.
Army guy: you dont have to look into all that for get about the past and look into the future if i may ask what are the qualities you need in a man……you seems to be a very nice lady
Me: Well. First he’d need to be an avid reader and know what I was talking about when I make literary reference. He
should know jazz. And he absolutely has to love dogs. And he would need to enjoy good food.
Army guy: I Like going to Beach,swim,Dance,Write Poem,Dinner,Hanging around with Friends and going to church as well..Just that i am Looking for a nice,Caring,Lovely woman…I want someone that is honest and being trustworthy,Who will be there for me,who will Love me for who i am and who i will love as well..I am a simple Man,Honest,Kind,Caring, Hate Lies,Cheating and not truthful,I am one woman Man.
Me: I hope you find her. I’m not that person; best of luck, I wish you well in your search for your queen.

rose posy
It takes all types to make a world, eh? I’ll just stick to gardening for the foreseeable future. At least my roses don’t tell lies.