Optie has honoured me with a Versatile Blogger Award, for which I am very grateful, thanks Optie. The way this works is that I accept the award and pay it forward by nominating 15 bloggers for the award. I can’t possibly do this as there are far more than 15 bloggers whom I adore and think of as extended members of my family, and with whom I have shared almost 5 years of my day-to-day existence.
The second condition of accepting the award is that I disclose 7 things about myself. I don’t know that you all don’t already know everything there is to know about me, but here goes:
I don’t speak Italian.
If I did, I’d be able to conjure up all manner of lovely stories about the origin of food names. The pasta I used in this dish is called ‘Strascinati Pugliesi’ and I, drawing a logical link with the English word ‘pugilist’, immediately thought that the ‘pugliesi’ must mean ‘of the boxer’. I further imagined, rolling my tongue around both the pasta and the word, that ‘strascinati’ must be ‘stretched nose’. Ergo: ‘stretched nose of the boxer’. Witness this misshapen oblong and you’d have to agree that my logic was sound.

Anyhow, no matter what the noodle is called, I made a dish of baked pasta; with pork sausages, paprika and chili.
I always make enough of a dish to serve as two meals.
One is for my supper and the other for lunch at my desk the following day. Many of my colleagues buy their lunches from a local restaurant or from one of the many takeaway franchises nearby. As I get older, I am becoming very frugal and am content with my home-made lunches.

I have become the unwilling owner of a pigeon.
This may well be payback for the 13 dead pigeons I cooked not long ago. This live one was hurt when one of the dogs got hold of her and Our Alice brought her into my courtyard to convalesce. My uncle pronounced it a male, but was proved wrong minutes later when my feathered friend laid an egg. She’s completely ignored the egg and has taken to following my around from room to room, pooping as she doddles along and never taking her eye off me.

I don’t own a television.
I sometimes consider investing in one, but the thought of how many books I could buy for the price of a TV set always makes logic prevail.
I enjoy a peanut butter and chili sandwich.
Many people find this very odd, but see nothing strange in eating a bowl of peanut & chicken curry.
I learned this week, courtesy of Facebook, that I am a librocubicularist.
My spellchecker is balking at this, but I am assured that it is a real word. I revel in my librocubicularism; living alone means I can be as self-indulgent as I wish and take tea and biscuits in bed along with my books.

I don’t own a rabbit these days.
Big Red Betsy has gone to a petting zoo, where she has the run of a lovely big pen and lots of rodent friends. On arrival there, she promptly mounted another bunny and the bloke who runs the place has renamed her Big Red Robert.



  1. Did you leave the telly in the main house or you have never owned one? I have to watch news and Scandal, I had to do away with other programmes ever since K was born but the two would be too much not to watch. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

    • Hiya Sparky, there are actually 3 TV sets in the main house, I just wasn’t interested enough to take one of them. I’m quite happy with the radio and my CDs. Otherwise I simply enjoy the silence.

  2. HAHAHA!!!!! @ Big Red Robert. How funny!! I think the bunny will be far happier at the petting zoo. And you can focus on that garden again. Best chuck the pigeon egg away. I think she was just proving her femininity but wasn’t stretching as far as becoming a mother lol. Yummy pasta dish Cindy, I think you are wise to eat your own homemade food, not only is it cheaper it is also so much healthier. I would think the pasta name has something to do with Puglia in Italy maybe? I love your idea of peanut butter and chilli. Love you lots and hope you are doing well. So nice to have pc and internet running again. Have so much work to catch on xxx

  3. What a lovely Sunday read Cindy. Sorry that you had to get your bunny but thrilled that “he” has found a happy home. How strange about the pigeon. Poor thing wouldn’t last 5 minutes around here as 2 or my 3 fur children love the take of pigeon!
    Have a happy week.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  4. Oh my glory…Big Red Robert! Haven’t laughed like that in a while. Oh well. Maybe it was (his) fustration that led to the great garden ravaging of 2012. Long live, King Robert.

  5. Pity about the rabbit! I’m also a librocubi-something. I don’t read for long (in bed, outside, very long!) but just until I feel my mind drifting away. It works, even with exciting books!

  6. Ah…now that Big Red ____ has found a new home…you may once again have you garden and a few more items to prepare meals….I’ve never heard of a pigeon adopting a human before…very interesting…hope you’re have a pleasant weekend.

  7. Congrats on your award. I didn’t know there was a word for reading in bed. I am the same when I cook. I always make double so there is something in the fridge for lunch the next day (I work from home) and something for the teenagers to take to school/uni. I agree that buying lunch is an unnecessary expense. So your bunny has been replaced with a pigeon? It seems you are destined to have a pet xx

  8. I am a news addict and I have to have SKY news on all the time I am alone in the house. Somehow, I cannot get ‘your’ puppy to talk back to me xox

  9. You really had me with the first pic, I would never have guessed it was pasta, my mind was tending towards some kind of insect pupa! A pooping pigeon is not my idea of a housetrained pet but Way to Go Red Robert!

  10. Thanks for the chuckles this morning, I cannot believe Betsy was a Robert. Yup think it was frustration that made him eat all your garden. So happy for you about your award. So glad you are back posting

  11. I think Bob managed to move into my computer. I fight with it to scroll down, then it suddenly takes off like the Hare’s Indy 500.

    Congrats on your contract. That thrills me to bits…not only because it is some income or because you know you are wanted, needed and loved, but because you still have a very important outlet through which to express your creative self. In a field that is YOURS! Yay.

    Cin, I’ve had to change my blogging habits due to time. You may not have thought diddly squat about my absence, but you are like one of the pillars of my blogging start. I’ve found a rhythm that works for me. I visit less frequently and go over a number of posts at once.

    I think Jamie modeled this approach, but I didn’t consciously pay attention. Then when I realized I was doing more reading & commenting than writing, I knew I had to manage my time differently.

    I haven’t had a TV for about 4 years now. Anything I really want to see is on the Net. Plus I download movies so I can be very fussy and choosy. A friend in India told me I ought to watch a Frances Coppola movie – Youth Without Youth – so I watched it last night. I love his mind and all the subtle touches he adds, but even better – how did a fellow, way over in India, know that I would adore every minute of that movie?

    I’m off to see if Bob won the race.

  12. What can I say, Amy? You say all the right things. Thanks for pointing out Jamie’s sage bloggorhythym; it makes such a lot of sense. I’ve been a bit flummoxed with trying to keep up too, will adopt your/Jamie’s method from now on. xxx

  13. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but my book, The Bellman Chronicles, will be FREE to download on Sept. 10 – 11! Check it out on my Amazon Kindle page.. You won’t be disappointed. And if you can slip me a review, I’d be forever grateful…

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