“Real people are stereotypes.
Well, wrenching a person out of their environment is on a par with playing Russian Roulette – you can have no idea which previously submerged entity in the persona will surface and leer at you.”
(There are ants in my sugar / Annica Foxcroft)
I landed up in hospital again, for a week, during which time I suffered a few nasty falls. One was tumbling from my bed and suffering concussion and another left me with a broken left pinkie and very unattractively bruised and scraped knees. (I have a vague reollection of  clever person saying something about pride coming before a fall; but I’ll try not to ponder too much on that one …)  I’m glad to be in the hands of a very good psychiatrist and he seems to have me on the right medication to help me survive through this torrid period.

Whilst I was away, my builder pulled out all the stops and I was able to move into my new home. I’d expected to find that the damp had not been cured in my bedroom, so I was very pleased to finally occupy my new digs.

From this, to this:

And my little entertainment area, leading to my passage and kitchen.

I’ve begun fiddling with my little garden, which is a nice view to greet me in the mornings and in which to enjoy my morning coffee. I’ve also brought in a new little friend for Lulubelle. Meet Lily:

I have no idea “which entity in the persona” will resurface, but for now I have no clue and all this newfound freedom has me at quite a loss for what to do with myself. I think I will begin knitting a cardigan for Lulubelle, with the weather rapidly changing.
And I believe I’ll have chocolate cake and custard for supper. Just let anyone try to stop me …



  1. It is truly beautiful Cindy and so is your new furry friend.
    I so pray for peace and love and most of all lots of fulfillment – whether in the spiritual, liquid or friend form and most certainly in the chocolate cake form!!

  2. Sorry to hear you were in hospital again, Cin. But your house looks wonderful. Who would have thought those bad-looking rooms could turn out so nice.

    The rabbit looks so sweet!

  3. Hi! So good to hear from you again. Love your new place. It looks very hip and fun. And your garden is fabulous. And of course the bunny is beautiful. I wonder if it will keep those beautiful blue eyes or will they change as it gets older like a baby’s eyes do? Hugs to you.

  4. You seem the type of person who can bounce back from anything, and perhaps be better than before. I like your new home quite a bit. It seems a perfect place for you to be who you are.

  5. Cindy, I think I may be in love with your builder – what a transformation! and with your finishing touches truly a home one could relax in, write in, be in. I wish you all the happiness in the world – you deserve it. Here’s to chocolate cake and custard suppers – yum! Oh, and Lily is adorable….

  6. I am so pleased you are home, it is finished and it is sooo pretty! I thought it reminded me of a place in a magazine, what a truly lovely way you have decorated it.. so spiritual and meaningful. No one can stop you now, Cin! xo Smidge

  7. wow lily is extraordinary and I love what you have done with your own space- elegant, rustic, charming, I see House and garden chasing you down for a photo shoot any day! Poor you feeling rotton in the hospital.. but your bungalow looks like the perfect place to recuperate! Take care honey.. c

  8. I love your place, Cindy. All that’s missing are friends bearing bottles of Merlot for your cellar. 🙂
    ‘The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.’ – Ivy Baker Priest

  9. Love your new little bit of heaven! It looks fabulous, and I am so happy you have a nest now where you can hunker down when you need to. Sorry about the hospital gigs (been there – A LOT!) and done that! Especially glad you have found a competent psychiatrist! One of the more crucial steps in treating the illness!. As a matter of fact, my favorite psychiatrist – EVER – was a transplant from SA – his name is Duard Bok, and he is a brilliant man, and wonderful to work with and helpful, etc., but he went and retired on me!

    I now have another great guy, though, so I am happy. Anyway, good to hear from you and know you are still reaching out to life. and I love little Lily! What does Lulubelle think?

    Thinking of you and remembering you daily!
    XOXO Paula

  10. Cindy – your place is stunning- sorry to hear you have had so much turmoil in your life – hope thins improve! Take care! Love Robyn x

  11. Your cottage has the essence of you. It’s lovely. May you use it as a safe haven to come through this bad patch and into a new life filled with contentment.

  12. When I bought my home, unsure about needing a whole house with two bathrooms (!) all to myself, my best friend gave me this by David Ignatow:

    “My Place –
    I have a place to come to. It’s my place. I come to it morning, noon and night and it is there. I expect it to be there whether or not it expects me – my place where I start from and go towards so that I know where I am going and what I am going from, making me firm in my direction.”

    Your nesting abilities are astounding!

  13. I’m so glad you are on a mend. Falling out of bed and getting concussion does not sound good. And however did you type this with a broken finger! Your home is beautiful. I love your new bedroom. What an amazing transformation. And your new friend is very cute. xx

  14. Cin, I’m glad you’re back. Your new home looks lovely, I hope you take time to recover fully. She’s a cutie is that little Lily. Hugs, Kathy.

  15. Hi there Cin! the place looks lovely, I am also interested in your kitchen space. Hope you make a full recovery on all fronts, dearly beloved.

  16. Cindy, I am so pleased that all the worst is now behind you and that you are on the road to a happy new you. Your new home is very inviting and Lily bunny is the perfect addition. Sending you much love, light and a big hug.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  17. Your place is beautiful, Cindy1 I am thinking about you a lot! I missed a lot in the 2 months that I was Internetless?! Are your e-mail address still the same? Hugs to you and I am sute it will only go better!

  18. I’m also very sorry to hear you were in hospital but so glad to hear you have a good doctor helping you through this period.

    Your little housie looks so cozy. Welcome home! (I LOVe the way you’ve displayed your hats)

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  20. A home should be a sanctuary – especially in times such as this. It would appear that you’ve hit the nail on the head! May you find some peace for your soul there.

  21. Cindy, you mean a lot to many who follow your blog, be strong for you. Your new place is amazing, as are you. Give life all that you have in you, blessings to you!

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