WordPress weekly photo challenge: Self Portrait.
In her book, The Thornbirds, Colleen McCullough describes a dress-fabric in a shade of ‘ashes of roses’. I was entranced and it became my personal favourite palette forever, with periodic and brief forays into brights. But I always return to pastels… Montage on my office noticeboard:

Thirty-two and forty-seven. Those were the birthdays my husband forgot. Thirty-two was understandable; we had a new baby, were moving into a new house and his older daughter was being taken to Canada by her mother. He had a lot on his plate. We got married on my fortieth birthday, so forgetting forty-seven was rather vexing. I sulked a bit. Forty-eight is looming, but he will be away and so, with us being childless over the past weekend, we celebrated my birthday and our wedding anniversary in advance.
I was eager to introduce him to Weltevreden Farm, after discovering it on Friday. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch; I had a chicken-pancake-stack and he loved his chicken-pot-pie.

For dessert he had cheesecake and I the frozen lemon meringue pie.

The farm has a few interesting shops, antiques and the like. One of the stores stocks clothing that caused our youngest stylist to proclaim “Cindy, I have found your wardrobe!” She was spot-on, each and every item could well have been made especially for me. After lunch I took my husband to see and he spoilt me with a generous budget. I chose a few outfits and accessories, some of which he confiscated to wrap; they will be hidden and he will phone me on the 8th of January to reveal the hiding place …

Until then, I have more than enough (thanks Paula!) and can only count my blessings.

In an aside; I tried to find a link to BelliButton on Google and failed. What I did find was this:
Sampling the nation for Belly Button Bacteria.

Folks are odd, hey? Gotta love this world…



  1. When you posted about your spoilings on FB I immediately looked for the shop too as I loooove some of the items and I also love the colours – of course, I found the same as you.
    I think a visit to Weltevreden farm is therefore a must – I think I will spoil my Schatzi there next week!!
    You are looking absolutely fabulous Cin!!!

  2. I love this exert from that belly button site:

    “Why begin with the belly button?

    Because no one volunteers when we ask for armpit samples. Because our belly buttons are relatively isolated, a place where microbes are safe. Because everybody has one, its what once connected us to our past. Yet, we barely notice it in our daily lives, to the point that few people actually wash theirs. Which is great for the bacteria! They are well protected, and provide a refuge of our wild nature. We can ask many questions about the microbes on our bodies (what controls which live where, whether the species on men and women are different, whether innies and outies sport different fancies, etc…) but a first step is to simply see who is there, the way the first explorers, upon arriving at new continents, simply wrote home to describe what they found.”

    When I have my bath this morning, my belly button WILL be washed!

  3. I watched The Thornbirds series on TV so many years ago. It starred Richard Chamberlain as the priest. Great show! Love that lemon meringue pie with the spun angel hair above it. Unique! Happy birthday and Happy wedding anniversary, Cin!

  4. So your blue dress is new, too? I love it, looks wonderful on you. A good idea to celebrate early so there’s no chance of forgetting your birthday. I’m only 3 months younger than you are, it turns out! Still… younger! Whahaha.

  5. A sharp lady, a sharp post and a bevy of sharp pics to prove my point…you’re fabulous! I shall wish you a happy day in advance “just incases” as they say in “love Actually”~

  6. Those colours are beautiful! (AND they look good on you 🙂 (and I like the montage – creative). The food looks absolutely divine – I also love lemon meringue; it looks beautiful with that funny decoration. It looks like a venue you will be going to a few more times 🙂 (What a fun idea to hide the birthday present. Gives you something to look forward to with the assurance that you’re going to l-u-v it 😉

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous, and those soft greys are exactly what i love to wear, i have pale blue eyes, i loved the shots you took of your beautiful self too! and so sweet that husband has hidden all your new clothes! Frozen lemon meringue, how does that work, a regular one and then frozen?! I will try it.. c

  8. Wow… so much to comment on in this post… Thornbirds, my very first favorite book to read! Ashes of Roses… has become my favorite color. I think watching Black Swan renewed my love for soft ballet pinks… I think these colors are related? Birthdays… looks like he’s making up for those forgotten ones… I would have been miffed as well! The food photography… delicious (wish I could eat there). And the clothes!! I want that pink one on the right side… was that the bellibutton website you were trying to locate? If not, what is the label for those clothes… I want to shop online!

  9. The Thornbirds thrilled me to pieces. I didn’t remember “ashes of roses”. My eye often goes to the soft, muted and blending pastels (great arrangement for the photo) and I do wear pastel pinks and blues, but I’m a winter person. Deep, rich colours suit my skin and hair.

    I loved the brilliant colours that thrive in South Africa.

  10. Looks like you had a fabulous lunch and shopping expedition! My knees still go trembly when I think of Richard Chamberlain in the Thorn Birds……yes,yes I know he’s gay…….

  11. I love to just come and read you blog in silence. Thanks for every blog you wrote this year that cheered me up, made me smile, made me hungry and left me wondering … ‘If she eats all this food … how come she stays so beautiful?’ You are an inspiration. Hope you have a super Christmas and a blessed 2012!!

  12. Whoops! I bet he felt terrible about forgetting your birthdays. I haven’t read The Thorn Birds for years but what a great book. I love the look of that pie with all the spun sugar – I must learn how to do that.

  13. I have to tell you that I have been reading your blog for over a year now and have so enjoyed it. Your pictures make me want to be with you so that I may enjoy also. You have a wonderful sense of humor which often makes me smile. I am finding I love the blogging world, it’s so interesting, and I am learning so many things. I loved this one, and all the pics.

  14. Just a beautiful colour palette, and you know pink would have to be included on my list of colours…I’ve finished my first module in the surface pattern, and a few exercises were working with colour palettes, I did one of Red and brown…I think I’ll however always go back to pastels. Glad you had a wonderful birthday/anniv. dinner everything looks beautiful and presented charmingly with all those fresh florals.Just perfect! x

  15. You look fabulous in these pics! I love the color gray, maybe a little berry mixed in. My husband sort of forgot my birthday yesterday. The 20th. Although how I don’t know since his was the 17th and our daughter in law’s was the 19th! If my grandmother were alive her’s would have been the 18th.

    I’m the one who forgets birthdays not him. So Happy Birthday to you now just in case I don’t read your posts around that time. I have been terribly lazy about reading and commenting lately.

  16. many happy returns for both occasions Cindy — and, of course, for Xmas only a few days away. I must say you look fabulous in the photographs!

  17. Lovely clothes, Cin. I love the muted colours! Try searching Fbook for bellibutton – you never know… My hair will give you a run for your money now. Had it cut by an Algerian and he really went to town, despite my taking photo’s with me of how I wanted it. Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – so HAHAHAHA!

  18. Happy anniversary and birthday and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that stuff. Imagine my surprise when I was checking out weekly photo challenge entries and was looking at Jesse Jaca and found your response. I immediately recognized your picture from my sister SuziCate’s blog. What a small world! I didn’t realize you did the photo challenges too! I posted mine for this week today. Nice running into you again!

  19. Beautiful pics and palette, Cindy! Since we’ll be away in the Kalahari, Very Happy Birthday and Anniversary in advance…hope it’s super special, XO

  20. Wow, Cindy, what stunning photos of you! You could model – you are so stylish. Did you take the photos of yourself? I desperately need a new photo to go with my articles in the caravan mag, but everything my hubby takes of me is just depressingly awful! Any advice?

    My husband forgot our 15th anniversary – a small part of me will never forget that. I loved the Thornbirds – both the book and the tv series. Really enjoyed this post, thank you!

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