My gerberas are bursting into bloom. No recipe; they just pop up every year.

This is cress ready for harvesting. There is no recipe; you simply get your friend Sue to bring you some seeds from England, fling the seeds into soil and wait for them to sprout. Then you pick them and put them on a sandwich.

When we were at the Food & Wine Blogger Indaba back in February (how this year has flown!) one of the speakers, a world famous foodie blogger, advised us to abstain from using the word ‘musing’ in our blogs. I have been repeatedly snubbed by the food blogging community as not being a ‘real foodie’. In fact, when I registered to become part of the community, I received this curt reply:

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for submitting your blog. We are currently limiting the blogs on to those that have at least 80% of the posts containing recipes and associated pictures.

Thank you for your interest.

Pfft! After steaming a bit about the whole business, I decided that the snub was a blessing which actually gave me the freedom to muse to my heart’s delight. And to show pictures of my Lulubelle, who ran into a fence whilst chasing a bird and got an awful ouchie on her forehead.

This is Alvin’s Drunken Chicken which, although not pretty, is very tasty.

Here is the recipe:
1 medium organic chicken
1 liter Shaoxing wine
500ml Mirin
500ml water
60g dark palm sugar
2cm ginger, peeled and bruised

Bring the wine, mirin, water, palm sugar and ginger to the boil.
Place the chicken in the broth and turn down the heat an gently simmer for 45 – 60 minutes.
Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Serve with noodles and sweet corn (my take on this one).

Have some pink wine and enjoy the meal.
Thumb your nose at food snobs …



  1. Muse away my dear. I love your musings and I love your food too. In fact, this dish looks delish. The daisies are so good for you if you snip one and put it near your bed at night.

  2. As a blogger who has a “musings” column, and as someone who loves reading your *foodie” blog, I cannot believe what rubbish those food snobs are spouting. Good grief…

    Love your flowers. Sorry about your pooch.

  3. Hello Stranger! Those gerberas are gorgeous. I had one this summer, a lovely deep orangey-red (more red than yours are). I had the intention of digging it up and trying to winter it over, but. . .

    Forget those snobby FoodBlog people! I, and a gazillion others love your blog just the way it is. Far more interesting than just recipes and just pictures of food.

    Poor Lulubelle.

  4. Morning Cin, about a year or two ago a man came selling roots and having Geberas as the end product, I bought them (he said they were fundraising at their church – that was a lie) they produced some odd looking bulbs that never bloomed to gerberas. I was conned.
    Gerberas are pretty flowers and Lu looks so clean! hope the cut heals fast.

  5. Oh Lawdy lawdy lawdy!
    I hate food snobs!!!
    I luuuuuuurve your blog – it is well rounded (like me actually :-))
    Have a great day Cindy!

  6. Snobs! Ignore the lot. You’ve got a very nice blog and I love your musings (and recipes!) and so do many, many other people, if I look at the many comments your posts always get.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. That wasn’t a nice reply but at least you weren’t ignored. I just hate it when people “send a message” that way.
    Hope Lulubelle feels better soon!
    I like many things with pasta no matter how you choose to flavor the noodles or what it looks like!

  8. Poor dog! He is very handsome.

    Ech – Foodie Blog Roll? I did pass their inspection a couple years back, when I was food blogging more. Before they came round to ‘inspect’ I privatized a bunch of posts that were my ‘musings’, to meet their 80% food-related-content standard. After I “got in” with them, I waited a while, then just put my non-food posts back up. I beat them suckas at their own game! They have too many blogs to check up on you after they’ve ‘accepted’ your ilk.

  9. You are definitely a foodie, Cin, a real one – what do they know? 🙂 And I like your blog just the way it is, with the musing, the eclectic assortments of photos and informational tidbits along with the food items…

  10. I could not get past that magic opening sentence: how good it would be if our writing or art could just flow effortlessly from us without any effort; that no special recipe would be required; it would just happen

  11. As Marx would say (Groucho, not Karl) “I would not join a club that would have someone like me…”(or something akin to that) They sound stuffy, and you, my friend, are far from that…blog on ~

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