Disclaimer: not a food post. Bad photos / who cares?

It’s 5.23am and I am in a mood of rather absurd euphoria; I have an almost ridiculous sense of well-being. I’ve decided to embrace it, rather than question it, and have varnished my nails the colour of sunshine.

We had the most marvelous storm at sunset yesterday and, instead of my planned sundowner, I enjoyed watching it gather from my desk with a fabulous storm-downer; a glass of Hill & Dale Dry Rose Merlot. I have a feeling this wine is going to be my summer tipple of choice …

The WordPress photo theme of the week is ‘windows’ and my vistas are glaringly pleasant this morning. This one is from my scullery, looking out over the kitchen courtyard towards the swimming pool.

My husband likes Grolsch beer and I find the bottles far too pretty to throw away. I am thinking of using them as Christmas gifts, filled with salad dressing.
From my lounge, looking out into the front garden.

Did you know that Johannesburg is the biggest man-made forest in the world? Some of the trees in my garden were planted in 1947. I think I will go out there this afternoon and give them a tea party in honour of all of them.
Have a wonderful Saturday, friends, enjoy it. For today I am taking a quote I read on Pseu1’s latest post as my mantra:
“A window of opportunity won’t open itself”


80 thoughts on “A PEEP INSIDE EUPHORIA

  1. Love those Euphoric Episodes! I fell under one a couple of weeks ago – instead of going to the city to stay with friends at the grand and stately Empress Hotel, I stayed home. I had not slept a wink the previous night and I knew I’d want to crash about mid day. However, it turned out I could not stop being grateful for everything in and around my life. My sleep that night was full of colourful and sensual dreams.

    Question not, I decided. Here’s to Euphoria.

  2. I love that quote, and how true it is! I have also woken today feeling relaxed and so contented. Is it something in the water do you think? Now you’ve got my imagination running riot. Just imagine if governments doctored the water so that the people were so contented they could stay in power for ever. Ha! Well, some of them would do anything… wouldn’t they?

  3. You were up early! I got up an hour ago, 8am, which is still pretty early for a Saturday, but during the week it’s 6.30 so 8am seems like a real treat.

    I love the pictures of your house and garden, especially the window of your scullery. The Grolsch bottles (I used to live 10km from where it was (originally) brewed) look like dust traps to me! I like the idea of filling them and giving them away.

  4. Thanks for the mention!
    Hope the happiness is sustained and that your silver lining doesn’t have a cloud. .

    (personally I’m wary of my own euphoria as they can be precursors to migraine)

  5. Hello Cindy… I’m just here to admire your nails:) I love looking through your windows as well.. it’s almost as if I’m standing right next to you in your scullery. Pretty bottles… what a great idea to give away salad dressing. I’m plotting my homemade Christmas gifts right now as well:)

  6. I love all that sunshine…sometimes we just have to create it for ourselves.
    Love your idea of the Grolsch. My son is a bartender and thinks they’re way to cool to throw out, so he’s save a bunch of them and suggested giving them to my dad to put homemade wine in. I’m thinking they’re too small for that, but now thanks to you I’m going to come up with some cool ideas!

  7. Ah, what beautiful vistas. I love windows in a house, and lots of them… I come across what I call a box house every now and then in my rambles, with windows like a miser’s eyes, and wonder – how can people live like that?

  8. Sounds like a perfect Saturday! Strangely the yellow nail polish looks rather good on you 🙂 Oh, how I love those trees. Their shade is such a pleasure to cycle in in summer; some of my best memories!

  9. hey Cin,
    I didn’t know that Johannesburg is the biggest man-made forest in the world. When we were there earlier this year I noticed the forests of trees when I Iooked down from the Brixton hill B and B. It’s really lush and lovely.

    Love your nails, rings and your photos from your windows.

  10. Ah, lucky you! Celebrating with a dry rose Merlot…mmm. We are having a spectacular day over here on the east coast of the States, as well. Though for us, being autumn, it is cool, bright, and the trees are the stars with firey colors.

  11. I love Pseu’s mantra, too! This was a terriic post from you, Cin! Glad you have such a lovely good feeling – hope it lasts! But since nothing lasts forever (even the bad feelings), you know that it will come again, when you aren’t expecting it and just when you need it! Glad you are taking advantage if it, and treating yourself right!

    BTW, the silhouette in photo #3 is exactly WHAT? A dress form? Your household robot? A strange neighbor? (And I am not talking about the glass of wine. Perhaps it is what appeared before your eyes after drinking too much of the delicious wine?)

    P.S. From another SA friend, I know that e-mail/internet service over there is not completely reliable. Did you get my e-mail a few days ago? No need to answer it – I’m just wanting to make sure it arrived! Didn’t want you to think I had failed to respond to yours! 🙂

    • I will post about my little sihouette ,,, as far as I know, I have replied to all your emails … will go and double check … my short-term memory is not what it should be at the moment …

  12. Also: Sunshine has other colors in it besides yellow! Now your nails look like you’ve contracted an awful case of jaundice! (Just kidding!) Enjoy that sun – and you might as well carry it around with you! But make sure when you it off that you do so at night. Then it will seem natural for the sun to go down. . .

  13. an enticing title, Cindy which drew me into the blog straight away; not that I needed much enticement with those gorgeous photos

  14. you are the ‘mstress’ of enticing titles 🙂 you have a devoted readership and it is well deserved; I mean I even read it even though a solid proportion of most of your blogs is to do with cooking, which disintersts me, the remainder has a high enough human interest level to keep me coming back

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