“I have no profession. My attitude – quite indefensible – is that, if I trouble no one, I may do as I like. It is, I dare say, an example of my decadence.” The character Cecil Vyse, from EM Forster’s “A room with a view”.

In her introduction to the weekend theme, ANTICIPATION, Sidey writes about the eagerness with which the ‘formally employed’ look forward to weekends. As a freelancer, my weeks don’t have this structure; my life ‘is one’ and I work when I have assignments, 7 days a week. However, at this time of the year, I am idle. Things have ground to a halt pending the start of the holidays, and weekends are my own. With the ballet season over, even my parental-taxi-service is no longer needed …
This weekend I am home alone; something my friends find alarming. They besiege me with invitations to visit and entreaties to ‘get out of the house’. They don’t understand how I delight in the prospect of 48 hours in which to indulge in indefensible hedonism.
I can take a salad out into the garden and pick at it while I dead-head the roses, slowly; so slowly that the avocado will turn brown in the heat.

If I want to, I can doze all afternoon under an umbrella on a lawn chair, dipping into a book from time to time. I can have a sundowner in the pyjamas I haven’t changed out of all day, if that is what I want.

I could break all the rules and let the dogs on the bed while I read until 4am and eat blueberry muffins that will leave crumbs on the sheets …

But I don’t do these things. I am a good girl, raised Methodist. The bed is neatly made by7am (sans dog hairs), there’s a pot of tomato sauce simmering on the stove for bulk-freezing later and I am off to tidy my linen cupboard. The devil, they say, makes work for idle hands.



  1. I’ll also join you. I love spending days in my PJ’s, it make “being home” more real when you look down and see fluffly slippers and moo-cow pajamas. What a dream weekend!!

  2. You’ve just make me wanna have an indulgent vacation. I’ve just realize not having the permanent jobs make me even more busy…. and I want blueberry muffin, but no time to bake 😦

  3. ENJOY every moment, Cindy…just as I’ve enjoyed every moment of this post! Love the way you write and your photo’s are gorgeous! As for me, Dave constantly curbs my non-hedonist tendencies, so our bed is frequently scattered with dog hair and the like 😀

  4. Ha, that last paragraph says it for me….I fight that urge to do all and just laze for the day and I was somewhat successful the Sunday before last….oh, I still cleaned etc…but at my leisure. I must say it was a most wonderful day! I hope you enjoy your 48 hours to do as your heart desires.

  5. Goodness I’d be so impressed, except it’s all things you like.

    I too love my ‘me time’, but not enough of that this weekend, bgardener and someone to help re-do doors and window frames. One of these weeks my home will have caught up again.

  6. Oh, Cindy, I just love the way you write…it oozes warmth and hospitality…so I’m popping over right now to enjoy the beautiful roses (indeed, you had promised me more of them, remember?) and have a lazy, lazy day… Ah, bliss! 😉

  7. I love the hedonistic tone of the first part of your blog — wouldn’t we all love to have such days? Enjoy them when they come. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Hi Cin, I managed to get the Hyatt Regency and the route is convenient for everyone to and from. The westcliff is fully booked from Thursdays. I was hoping to get one of yours to have at least two choices. But I think we will be fine.
    Enjoy your blissfull weekend dear one!

  9. Thank you for these alluring luxurious relaxation ideas… I need to do more of these hedonistic things with my free time, which is all the time. I’m a bit of an expert, and was thinking of writing a post on that theme one day. The only time I make the bed is when new sheets are applied. And cooking is not a required duty here; indeed, it is one of my not-so-guilty pleasures. Your muffins look divine! And sitting under an umbrella reading…how luscious!

  10. Sheesh! Still lying in bed at almost 9am catching up on blogs and drinking coffee brought to me by Masterchef Man, I was feeling guiltless solidarity at the start of this post, but there’s that unexpected ending! Hmmph – now am feeling suitably chastised and am getting up

  11. I often wondered about those people who cannot under any circumstance be alone or without someone talking to them on their cellphone….I adore my private time…glad I’m not the only one…however…I shall not compare myself when it comes to such virtuous behaviors as yours…I might be more compelled to have a glass of wine and some brie while reading…alas we cannot all be saints. 😉

  12. Oh, I am envious. The remote control all to oneself: watching Jane Eyre back to back episodes for nine hours at a time, punctuated only by wild Autumn dog walks and trips to the kitchen for snacks; I am getting hopelessly carried away.
    I love that quote of sniffy Cecil’s. So much he said made sense but he didn’t have the passion to back it up satisfactorily….
    Have a wonderful weekend, Cindy.

  13. Oh thank you Cindy, more roses! I love your roses. I have spent a good deal of my life without adult company and i still LOVE it. the weekends that John goes away which are seldom, i lay about like a big warm sun drenched rock. And not having to cook FOR someone is such a relief sometimes..c

  14. Having the house to yourself is a wonderful thing! I’m with you! As muych as i love haing Hubs around, there is soimething nice about having the chance to do all or nothing.

    That said, Cin – all your food looks good except for one thing: those tomatoes look like they were strip mined in Texas. . .(a definite winter-tomato, hot-house look. . .). 😆

  15. Enjoy your space and spread your wings a bit…perhaps do one thing that has been in the back of your mind but has eluded you due to time, energy, or whatnot. If you do, hope you blog the adventure. Cheers ~

  16. I would wither without my alone time to refresh my batteries. I don’t know how people live without it. Some people in my life live running and when they don’t have to, they don’t remember how to be still.

  17. Sounds wonderful my friend, make the most of it and enjoy some relaxing hedonistic practices while doing that which you feel you have to do. I love what souldipper said up there. It is very true. Your roses are just beautiful. And such beautiful photos and food! Love you xxx

  18. Your roses are the best!

    I’m spending the weekend with a girlfriend in her beautiful home in Santa Barbara. It’s 1 pm and we’re both still in our jammies. As soon as I finish here we’re going to walk down the road to the beach. It’s a blue sunny day – I think in the 60’s..

    You’re all welcome to join us…

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