Once upon a time……….
…………they all lived happily ever after.
That’s Sidey’s challenge this week. Unfortunately, tales of happy ever after are far and far between. Instead, we stumble over minutiae; electrical appliances die, as do loved ones. Bills arrive at inopportune moments and the car needs a service, but only after the cat has been neutered …
Life happens and that’s when chocolate cake helps …

Read these two chocolate-related posts:
I’m off to my kitchen to cook lunch for my MIL’s birthday, I leave you with this piece of trivia, bet you didn’t know:
At least 63% of dog owners admitted to kissing their dogs. Of these, some 45% kissed them on the nose, 19% on the neck, 7% on the back, 5% on the stomach and 2% on the legs. An additional 29% listed the place they kiss their dog as other! (



  1. None on the lips? 😆

    This reminds me of a great story that I know you and others will enjoy – especially the mothers in the crowd (This story was passed on to me by a friend a couple of years ago.):

    We had this great 10-year-old cat named Jack who just recently died.

    Jack was a great cat and the kids would carry him around and sit
    on him and nothing ever bothered him. He used to hang out and
    nap all day long on the mat in our bathroom.

    We have three kids and at the time of this story, they were 4 years old,
    3 years old, and 1 year old. The middle one is Eli. Eli really loved
    Chapstick. LOVED it. He kept asking to use my Chapstick and
    then would lose it.

    Finally one day I showed him where in the bathroom I keep my
    Chapstick and explained he could use it whenever he wanted to
    but he needed to put it right back in the drawer after he finished.

    That year on Mother’s Day, we were having the typical rush around
    and try to get ready for church with everyone crying and carrying on.
    My two boys were fighting over the toy in the cereal box. I was
    trying to nurse my little one at the same time I was putting on my
    make-up. Everything was a mess and everyone had long forgotten
    that this was a wonderful day to honor me and the amazing job that
    is motherhood.

    We finally had the older one and the baby loaded in the car and I was
    looking for Eli. I searched everywhere and I finally went into the
    bathroom. There was Eli. He was applying my Chapstick very carefully
    to Jack’s … rear end.

    Eli looked right into my eyes and said, “Chapped.”

    Now if you have a cat, you know that he is right — their little bottoms
    do look pretty chapped. And, frankly, Jack didn’t seem to mind. The
    only question to ask at that point was whether it was the FIRST time
    Eli had done that to the cat’s behind or the hundredth!?!

    And THAT is my favorite Mother’s Day moment ever because it
    reminds us that no matter how hard we try to civilize these glorious
    little creatures, there will always be that day when you realize they’ve
    been using your Chapstick on the cat’s butt.

    There are days, and then there are THOSE days. . .
    Cheers, Cin!
    XO Paula

  2. Oh my gosh Paula’s story is the best thing I have heard in a long time. But oh my gosh so gross.

    I could eat that entire cake right now. I am so hungry lately.

  3. Gosh what a lucky MIL to have you arrive at her door bearing that delish cake.

    I’m still pondering the “29% listed the place they kiss their dog as other…”

  4. Wow! A very happy birthday to Grandy! I always wanted to ask where is she because I remember her not being well in the times of letterdash. You are so fortunate to love and enjoy cooking. I have since received my baked & del and I keep postponing.
    Have a lovely sunday

  5. Hi, thanks so much for visiting my blog and wanting to subscribe. I’m so sorry that option was not available to you. The site has been upgraded over the weekend and there has been some technical hiccups. Please come back to visit and I’m sure you’ll be able to subscribe! In the meantime, I’ll subscribe to your blog so we can keep in touch.

  6. Oh…now your chocolate cake would go just perfect with my morning coffee…of course I’d have to spend three hours in the gym to pay for the pleasure…but still.

  7. That cake looks absolutely divine Cindy. Love the shade of the roses on the dark chocolate. I hope your MIL had a great birthday. I kiss my doggie on the top of her head…xx

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