The weeks are speeding by towards Christmas, I don’t recall ever experiencing time going by so fast; is it an age-thing? It seems like just last week that I did Celia’s kitchen-show-and-tell post for my September entry, and now it’s time for October!

When my daughter outgrew playing with dolls, I packed her favourite toys into box to keep for my (I am hopeful) grandchildren to play with one day, and gave the rest to Our Alice to take to the children in her village when she went home last Christmas. One thing I couldn’t part with was the little chest of drawers that once housed the Barbie doll trinkets. Garish neon pink and gold, I kept it hidden in my bedside chest. Last weekend, while my husband was doing a big clear up in his garage, my dort came and asked me if there was anything that needed sanding as she wanted to learn to use his belt sander. I fetched that little chest of drawers and she restored it beautifully for me. I now have it on my kitchen window sill, storing toothpicks, elastic bands and string.


In her September contribution, Cecilia of thekitchensgarden said “I like to keep everything I use on shelves where I can see what they are up to. Plus I am the most absent minded person I know so if I cannot see what I have I forget that I have it.” I am much the same and often buy things, stick them in my cupboard and promptly forget about them, as was the case with these two retro items I bought at my friend Merope’s flea market stand a long time ago. I retrieved them from the cupboard yesterday and have resolved to use them this week.


So too these beautiful espetada skewers that I have had for more than 13 years and never used; a barbecue is definitely on the cards one of these days.


There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October.

Nathaniel Hawthorne


71 thoughts on “OCTOBER IN MY KITCHEN

  1. Careful with the toys you keep for your grandchildren… I did the same, I kept all the beautiful, expensive dolls, and when I took them out after 25 years, all the eyes were either stuck, brittled away and fell in pieces when touched. The elastic that kept the arms, disintegrated, and I had to throw them away. Dolls that could have given some little girl pleasure for years.

  2. Love the drawers and the kitty – I store my elastic bands on the top of the shelf on the door section of my pantry cupboard – could not be without elastic bands in the kitchen.
    Your glass reminds me of something similar that my Nana had in her kitchen forever ago – wonder where it landed up.
    Happy Monday.
    🙂 Mandy

  3. What a lovely little chest of drawers – it looks beautiful! The skewers… how could you not use them? Sometimes things are so beautiful that it seems a pity to use them in case they get damaged or even just scratched. But using them will give you so much pleasure!

    My sons were drinking their cola from crystal glasses the other day (all other glasses were in the dishwasher) and I didn’t mind, as we don’t use them often. It looked funny.

  4. The chest drawers look pretty, had it been my niece’s she would want it back after it was renewed like that. Hehe!

  5. Ek hou sommer baie van jou idee met die barbie meubels!!

    Net so het ek my ma se ou eetservies ge-erf, wat 3 vleisborde het, en ek gebruik dit nooit, vergeet altyd ek het sulke borde en hol dan soos ‘n afkop hoender rond om borde te kry waarop ek vleis kan bedien.

  6. Such lovely things. Hope you stick to your resolve to use them.

    I love, Fall. It is my second favorite season. Part of my love of it, I guess, is the wonderful bounty we get to indulge in. Fattening ourselves up for winter!

  7. On a walk the other day, an acquaintance said, “I hate anything on my counters. I like them totally bare and wiped clean to glowing.” I thought of my counters that I love having clean, but with all those things at the back that I use a lot and/or like to see.

    My opinion? Let me see what you have sitting about. It tells me lots about who you are. A bare counter means no one lives there!

  8. Lovely of the good dort to fix it (chest of drawers) up so beautifully for you. 🙂 And I’m glad to learn I’m not the only one who buys things and promptly forgets about them. I’m determined now to follow in your footsteps of bringing them out of hiding and putting them to use.

    • I have made a pact with myself to go through all my cupboards and unearth things I have forgotten about, Ruth. Who knows, I may find I have a whole summer wardrobe I’ve not worn yet 🙂

  9. I remember seeing this idea over a year ago,on someones blog I lost: sharing what’s in your kitchen. I love this! I have a set of 3 of those same copper molds (how we spell Mould in the States – MOULD could be the hairy grey fungus on fruit) but 3 different shapes, hanging on my wall.

    I love kitchen things – mine is small and packed. I have mid-century plates and chafing dishes, and – oh my – too much. Like you and others have said, I need those rubber bands nearby, too. Cute post, as usual 😀

  10. What are the little animals on the skewers made of? Won’t it get hot and burn your finger(s)?

    The drawers look pretty. It is an eye catching color and will certainly make it be noticed for what its worth 🙂

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