I am fighting a losing battle with my email inbox, I read two blogs and come back to find 50 new notifications of posts. You lot will just have to be very patient for me to catch up. In the meantime, my darling friend Paul has granted me the Versatile Blogger award, for which I am very grateful. I am not going to pass it on, as I think most bloggers have received it over the past week.

I’m lagging badly, too, with Tandy’s ingredient challenges, which I always enjoy doing. This past weekend I used almonds in my stock vanilla cake recipe, and the result was really beautiful in its simplicity. It made a super carrier for fresh berries and cream.

And just for a lark ….

As seen on Granny’s blog, my list of fours:

Four places I go.
1. To drop my daughter at ballet classes
2. Norman Goodfellow’s in Illovo for fine wines
3. Solly Kramer’s in Parkview for everyday drinking wines
4. Tyrone Fruitiers in Parkview for chocolate, charcuterie and fresh produce

Four crushes I have:
1. Gordon Ramsay
2. Colin Firth
3. Count Nicholas Czardas
4. Bryan Ferry

Four smells that I love:
1. My daughter’s neck after her bath
2. The peppery nose of First Sighting Shiraz
3. Lulubelle sleeping under my office chair
4. Wet earth after a Gauteng thunderstorm

Four favourite TV shows:
1.Masterchef Australia
2. Oz Clarke and James May Big Wine Adventure
3.Great British Menu.
4. Hairy Bikers

Four Favourite Movies.
1 The History Boys
2. Babette’s Feast
3. Big Night (Stanley Tucci is another of my crushes!)
4. A Good Year

Four Recommendations:
1. First Sighting Shiraz with a bleu fillet steak and pepper sauce
2. Kleine Zalze Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier 2008 with slow roasted lamb shank
3. Adoro Mourvedre with Gorgonzola
4. Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label with a lover

And here’s an aaaaaaw moment, best buddies greeting each other in the morning: