The Good Food and Wine Show 2011, briefly:
I got lost and couldn’t find the venue, when I finally arrived the queues were very long and I fretted that I wouldn’t get into the venue in time to see Gordon Ramsay’s show.
Bumped into my friend Jenny (The Giggling Gourmet) and David Morris, who were there to prep for their demo and they smuggled me in to the auditorium, where there were about a 1000 people.

Gordon Ramsay is magnetic in the flesh; I am hopelessly smitten. He is a consummate entertainer and a great comedian, but he uses the words ‘nice’, ‘sort of’ and ‘yeah?’ in almost every sentence. He shares personal anecdotes while he cooks: he got his son to eat vegetables by pointing at the lad’s crotch and telling him “If you don’t eat your carrots your Little Man there won’t work.” In posts to come, I will be replicating the three course menu he cooked.

It was great to see two manufacturers I saw on the show last year have survived the recession, Froggit and Madécasse Chocolate: I peeked in to say hello at the Le Creuset stand, but the girls were too busy doing what seemed to be a roaring trade.

After a brief traipse through the food stalls (the unwashed masses were out in force for a free lunch, most of them with no real interest in fine cuisine and with no intention of buying any produce) I moved to the wine section to see who from the Cape wine fraternity were here. I spent some time with A charming Frenchman who had flown in to showcase Philipponnat champagne, of which I was spoiled with two glasses of  the lovely stuff.

I moved, regretfully, from there onto the other wine stands, stopped to chat to the people at Flagstone, where I bought a case of their very affordable Longitude. (R50 a bottle at the Cellar Door).

My last stop was a very worthwhile on; I had a full-range tasting session at Vrede en Lust, where Anneke’s passion for the wines was effusive and catching. I could have stayed there all day, but the drive home was long and it was time to head home and prepare supper for my family.
Pink Polka Dot’s Friday Food Quiz:
1. What is schmaltz?
Rendered animal fat, usually chicken. Yuck!
2.What is the difference between evaporated milk and condensed milk?
Both have had most of the water removed, but condensed milk is thickened with sugar. Yuck!
3.What is heliculture?
Snail farming. See my post of yesterday. Yuck!
4.What does the term “papillote” refer to?
Cooked in paper.
5.What is the difference between ham and gammon?
I think they come from different parts of the pig’s anatomy. It’s best not to dwell too much on it.
6.What is a “foodie”?
Apparently it is a blogger who posts detailed recipes. It is not enough to simply write about food to be considered a “foodie”.
7.What is a liaison in culinary terms?

“I’m at the age where food has taken the place of sex in my life. In fact, I’ve just had a mirror put over my kitchen table.” – Rodney Dangerfield.
In other words, it’s my kitchen fantasy involving Gordon Ramsay and my kitchen table …
8.What is the most common way to drink Japanese rice wine, sake?
Sitting down, so you don’t fall over after the second cup.
9.Is there a difference between schnitzel and scallopine?
No, I think they’re just different language names for the same thing.
10.Is curry a dish or a spice?
A spice.



  1. What a great post! You’re a natural born story-teller! Love the stories about Gordon Ramsey especially the “Eat your carrots or your little man won’t grow.”
    also love your photos. I felt as if I were there with you enjoying the wine and the company.

  2. Oh..this sounds like a delightful time…just back tonight from a luau with excellent local wine..of course merlot…though I had a great time would have much more enjoyed your adventure. 🙂

  3. Is he juicy now, or saucy? Or yummy? Hmmmm…

    And may I differ from a foodie on no 10?
    A curry is a food, not a spice. Curry is a mixture of a number of spices, which is used to make a curry.

  4. Gordon Ramsay was the hottest thing on Australian TV for a number of years; we used to love watching him and listening to him loudly berating any c ooks who fell below his high standards. You don’t hear much about him anymore except that one of his three Michelin star restaurants is closing

  5. It’s great to have connections and friends, huh. Well, on his “Kitchen Nightmares” show, I’ve almost come to rather hear him say the ( F) word…as that insidious ( Yes?) at the end of every three word sentence. Most of which being a Southern American, I can’t understand anyway. But, as you already know, Cin, I do like ole Gordo Rambo. By the way, this was a MUCH lovelier post to look at and read than those poor feet you left us to have to look at all weekend. They remind me of what mine feel like at the end of every restaurant shift. ( Oh, and keep an eye out for the movie, “Loves Kitchen” Gordon’s Movie Guest Role Debut” Wasn’t too bad) His part really wasn’t any different than one of his shows, but, that was to be expected.
    God Bless You

    • and on a more sober note. . . I just bought my first le Crueset pan about a month ago and I love it. Thankfully, I got it on one hell of a sale or I would never have afforded to buy one! I’m thinking it will become an heirloom.

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! Your answers were excellent!! I love the pic…. no I meant answer to number 7!!!

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  8. Awesome….. How fabulous, GRamsey is a spunk. Love the goodies ya can find at the food and wine shows. Although I felt there was an excess of wine this year, fun while your there I guess, we left quiet tidily. Lol

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