Tokelosheblog, a South African lady who lives in Canada, has asked about our favourite barbeque recipe. Mine has to be a carpet bag steak, so here is a repost of a barbeque we had last year, in preparation for our national braai day tomorrow.

Ah … perhaps it’s the music on the radio, but I was nostalgic for the Seventies yesterday. Remember Avocado Ritz, Moussaka and Devilled Eggs? I thought I’d enjoy the sunny day and cook an old favourite outside on my gas stove.

On my very first dinner date, the lad arrived with a carnation in a bottle of Babycham (I thought that was sooo sophisticated!) and carried me in his Alfa Sud to the Greek Sizzler, one of the few restaurants in Bloemfontein at the time. I ordered a Carpet Bag Steak, which was all the rage then. I was sick as a dog when I got home, and to this day I can’t stomach a cooked oyster, although it may have been an effect of the Grunberger Stein on my unsuspecting young tummy.

But from time to time, I do hanker after the combination of surf and turf tastes. The fish market in Dunkeld had fresh mussels yesterday, so I poached them in tomato, onions, garlic, ginger, corriander and a squirt of lemon.

Just perfect with a piece of rare fillet, which I had marinated in fish sauce and soya sauce …

And then the newspapers, a nice long nap …


51 thoughts on “HERITAGE DAY

  1. Thanks for sharing your memories of a first date.

    And of your holliday tomorrow…may you have a wonderful “Heritage Day”…it sounds by the name,
    to be a day of food and fun.

    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine

  2. I enjoyed your post Cin! Though I forgot to wear my traditional attire this morning and the worst thing is that I saw your subject post before I even bathed, but somehow it still slipped my mind 😦
    Have a lovely weekend!

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  4. I’ve never heard carpet bag steak. You can have my share – while I like mussels I don’t fancy the idea of eating it with steak.

    Heritage Day? Is that like our 4th of July?

    • Yes, I guess it is like your 4th of July. From Wikipedia:
      Carpetbag steak is a uniquely Australian dish that was first popularised in Sydney, around 1950.

      It consists of an end cut of scotch fillet steak, served standing up like a miniature mountain. Pockets in the meat are made by small cuts, into which oysters are stuffed and sutured with toothpicks. As the dish is broiled, the flavour of the fresh oysters permeates the steak and blends with the juice of the tender meat. A strip of bacon may be wrapped around the serving and surrounded by peeled and browned baby potato halves. In the tradition of Sydney’s Byron Bay, the steak is marinaded in a sauce of thyme, pepper, tarragon, lemon, sugar and tamarind and served with a glass of dessert wine. The steak can also be flambed with cognac, when it is called “Carpetbag Maxine style”.

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