You can’t find a hair-net in Johannesburg for love or money, all the stores are sold out. It’s the start-up weekend of the 2011 Ballet Eisteddfod, which will continue into mid-October, and mothers everywhere are sitting in halls across the country, doing hair into buns, sewing ribbons and skirt hems and waiting for hours while their daughters rehearse. Bank accounts have been cleaned out by the purchases of new satin shoes, costumes and entry fees. Competition is rife, but so is camaraderie; these girls are a tribe apart.
Although there is a nervous energy in the air, the dancers are confident; they know that they have been selected out of their respective ballet schools because their teachers deem them worthy.

The fathers, of course, are nowhere to be seen; they are glued to their television screens to watch our national rugby team do battle today in New Zealand. Nervous energy is much stronger among these dads …
This is my contribution to Side View’s weekend theme.


71 thoughts on “COMPETITION

  1. No matter what happens, this foray into the ballet world has sealed her grace and appreciation for culture. Well done, Mom! Poverty only need linger until the next chocolate cake!

  2. Such a beautiful post. Such grace and poise in the photographs. Love it. Takes me back to when my girl was young and we were doing the same. I wish her the best. And you too. It is an expensive exercise….have a good weekend xx

  3. Girl, yes this looks good…I wish I had the patience to even attempt to make my bread look that good;I think I could…if I let it rise a few hours longer…I’m just impatient…and Up all night…which of course, means up all day your time..
    Heck, I’m usually up most of that too,,,
    Love roasted peppers, but, I’m the only one who would eat it around here, so not likely something I could brew.
    God Bless You

  4. I love ballet so much but didn’t have time for it when I was in school. Hah it’s must be nice if my mom was interested in caring for my dance class 😦

  5. Oh I love the ballet shots. i used to have a standing job taking recital shots for a ballet school at home every year and I just loved it. The colour and the grace of those little children and their grown up conterparts. Rugby (and yes I am a NZer.. go all blacks, etc) has nothing on ballet! c

  6. it takes me back to when my daughter did ballet; because I did not follow sport and my wife worjed on satyrday mornings I always took her and watched her progress through ‘the classes’ ; a little later she changed to ice skating which took us on three overseas competitions, one in the US and tow in Hong Kong. They were exciting times

  7. Beautiful post, Cindy! It takes me straight back to our childhood Eisteddfods (never seen this word in print before :-)) All the best to OB! Oh, and the Bokke!

  8. As a former stage mom when my daughter was in theatre I recall making many snoods and things to hold up hair. Let me know if you need some made and I will dig out my pattern and make some for you!

    • That is very kind of you, Cindy. However, the RAD rules are strict here and they are only allowed to weat the invisible nylon nets. The other girls in the photo got into a spot of trouble at the rehearsal for not having the correct ones.

  9. Good luck to your daughter! As my only child is a male, I can only equate your nervous anticipation and depleted pockets to how it was when he was playing hockey. Oh, but the memories!

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