Curly: curled, crimped, permed, frizzy, fuzzy, wavy, kinky, curling, looping, turning, twisting, winding, wreathing, twirling, coiling, spiralled, spiralling, corkscrew …

… twirly ribbons to be sewn on new pointe shoes …

… twisty new shoots weaving their way out of the soil to welcome Spring …

… loops of spaghetti sending up spirals of fragrant steam …

… a corkscrew unleashes a glass of wine with which to wind down the afternoon.

And – always – the fuzzy wave of happy memories of yesterday and the company of my beautiful, curly-haired friends …



    • Yes, they are, adee, I’ve sewn them on and she’s busy breaking the shoes in – prepping for the first eisteddfod of the Concours de Ballet 2011. It’s a very busy time for her.

  1. Oh, okay…so there’s a weekend theme? So who makes the theme? I bit a curly spaghetti noodle or two tonight also, and it was GOOD!!! Had it with some Sourdough Turtle…and cheap wine…read all about it..when you wake up…lol
    God Bless You

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  3. Whilst feeling a little upset once a friend came and sat with me but instead of starting to council me he distracted me from my upset by starting a conversation about paperclips. He said, “If I say ‘paperclip’ what uses for it comes to mind? – anything goes.” Immediately, instead of thinking about my issue, I was searching my brain for ideas of what you can use a paperclip(s) for. Before long the upset was forgotten to be dealt with in a fresh perspective later. I thought that was so clever. It’s interesting how someone giving you something to focus on suddenly makes you mind see/think/smell/hear, etc. things that relate to that topic more as you search for it all around in ways you would/might never have otherwise. That’s what I like about the challenges that people write or snap about.

  4. Corkscrew! How divinely vintage – not too many wiinebottles come with corks on this side of the world anymore. Love pointe shoes, but their beauty belies the agony they bring 🙂

  5. One of my aversions is wine without a cork…yeah I know I’m just going to pop it anyway but still. I refused to even buy wine without corks until about two weeks ago I found a new wine by a winery I love, and this type comes with a screw cap….I bought it anyway. want the verdict? It was fabulous, yes even without the cork! Lesson here (to myself): try new things, you might find you like them after all!

  6. those loops of spaghetti reminded me of an article I’m reading in the new yorker about entomophagists, people — and apparently 80% of the world are — who treat insects as mini-livestock. Much of that go on over there?

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