Jellied pig’s head. Headcheese. Make you salivate? No? Well, how about if it comes nicely sliced from the deli labeled as ‘brawn’? Still not convinced? Personally, I love it and it seems appropriate, given the other definitions of brawn (1. Solid and well-developed muscles, especially of the arms and legs. 2. Muscular strength and power…) and the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup today in New Zealand; that I enjoy a few slices of this old-fashioned savoury concoction for breakfast. I don’t give a sow’s ear for sport, but it would be very festive if our boys do well over there.

And while I am about it, I may as well have myself a little feast  and indulge in a dollop of taramasalata too, pig heads, fish eggs … different strokes for different folks, eh?

5 things I like to eat that the rest of the household won’t even look at:



Chicken livers

Lamb’s kidneys


Now I am off for my morning walk, a dress fitting and then lunch with the gals.

Happy Friday, friends.

Taste every fruit of every tree in the garden at least once. It is an insult to creation not to experience it fully. Temperance is wickedness. Stephen Fry


78 thoughts on “PIG HEADS AND FISH EGGS

  1. Quite a few things I don’t care for, but Stephen Fry is absolutely right. In fact, I need to write out that quote. It will go nicely with my “a little hedonism is healthy.” Thanks! 😉

  2. I eat small pieces of pig and cow’s legs cooked in salted water and paprika.otherwise the jellied version does not sound well to me, hehe!
    Have a lovely day Cin 😉

  3. I’m with thehousehold on Rollmops, but cannot believe they do not eat one of the great staples of life, chicken livers. Well, perhaps not one of the staples of life, but a very good starter at a pub or restaurant in the peri-peri form.

  4. Just back from dining out and a wonderful jazz performance in town…so I’m open to a number of things (probably due to that last glass of wine)…but pig heads and fish eggs …I’m afraid I’ll need more information before testing those waters. 🙂

  5. Oh Girl…it sounds delicious…well at least the Chicken livers did… I bought chicken livers a few weeks ago to prepare a home cooked version of my fiancee’s favorite fast food take out from “Bojangles” ( Dirty Rice )
    Problem is…I told her what element I added to make it “Dirty Rice” Chicken Livers of course…Head Cheese, or whatever ya’ll call it over there …well, actually, that’s what they call it here too.. but their are different variations of it.. Granny made “Sauce Meat” here in North Carolina, ( which I didn’t eat ) where as Virginia, one state above us customarily makes, and eat a lot of what they call “Scrapple” …it all looks like pig fat and particles to me… But, hey, Gotta eat…
    God Bless You

  6. It’s called ‘fromage de tête’ here. (Head cheese!) The only thing I couldn’t eat on that list would be lamb’s kidneys…

    Do you have ‘un petit verre de rouge’ (small glass of red wine) with it too? I believe it’s customary. 🙂

  7. I agree with the brawn (homemade), sheep’s kidneys and chicken livers (although I’ve gone off them for the past year or so). Cindy, if you’re not careful you will start speaking a foreign eastern language soon…

  8. I too like things the others won’t touch..
    my list is

    1.Soft fish roe (I like it rolled in flour and fried, then served on toast)
    2. Liver… pigs or lambs… or chicken
    3. Grapefruit.
    4. Aniseed
    5. Licorice

  9. There are many, many things that my household won’t eat and I adore. Anchovies, chicken livers (actually any liver), oysters, avocado, pork crackling….and yes taramasalata. Jellified things are about the only stuff that makes me a little less gung-ho so brawn is not on my wish list.

    Loved this post.

  10. Don’t agree with the quote “temperence is wickedness”. He sounds like a guy who made his way to Hollywood and then used whatever show business creds he had at the time to stick his d*** into whatever was warm and wriggled, further lending to our national moral debt. Hollywood is over rated, and we should never have made them our demi-Gods, and begun taking advice from short-dikt wiggers with no taste, class or morals. They now design our lives, where the church used to be our guiding force.

    That said, I am certain eating this aforementioned food wil not rot your soul

  11. The only things from an animal that I don’t eat are things that are too rubbery to chew, such as thick veins or dense connective tissue, things that are too crunchy, such as cartilage, or thick globs of fat. I eat any muscle or skin, moderate sized fat, and I love organs, especially livers and hearts. 🙂

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