Just wondering: Why is it unacceptably rude to go up to someone and ask “Why are you so fat?” but considered acceptable to ask somebody “Why are you so thin?” I am terribly embarrassed about my thinness, yet countless people ask me about it. My quest to gain weight has met with some success, I have gained 2kgs in a fortnight; simply by eating 2 slices of white bread in the morning, adding 2 teaspoons of sugar to my twice-daily coffee and drinking 2 glasses of fruit juice a day. Nobody has noticed the extra weight, and I press on to gain the additional 3kgs my doctor has ordered.

Apropos of the subject, on this day in 1912 David Packard was born. Founder with William Hewlett of the Hewlett Packard Company. Before they became famous for computers and printers etc., some of their early inventions were an automatic urinal flusher and a weight loss shock machine! (Source foodreference.com.) Enough said.

Here is a picture of one of the helicopters that circled over my house during the send-off ceremony for our rugby team, who went toNew Zealand last week.

Ps: September is ‘Hug a Texas Chef’ month on the food calendar. I don’t know one, so if anyone inTexasis reading this, please do a hug on my behalf.


94 thoughts on “WEIGHTY WEDNESDAY

  1. YAY on your weight gain!!!!! :o) I think people ask out of concern. Being underweight is seen as being ill and I know that being overweight is also not healthy either, but it seems more acceptable for some insane reason. 😦

  2. Ai, I wish I could give you the other 3kgs from my body too!
    Either way – it is difficult to lose or put on weight!!

  3. Well done on your weight gain. While I can (should!) certainly do with some weight loss, I know that underweight people are often not understood and others even envy them.

    I don’t know how hard it is for you to eat the extras but it is very hard for me to cut certain foods out (or to not eat at times when I would normally have a snack).

    You make it sound like gaining weight is easier than losing it – is it really? For me it would be, but since you are very slim, I assume you don’t like to eat a lot.

    Just curious! 🙂

      • Ugh! I’ve had both types of medications, ones that make you fatter, ones that melt the pounds so frighteningly fast you wonder why you can’t lose weight that fast when you are trying?

        Good luck with your gains!

  4. Life isn’t fair is it? I think the questions come out of concern, though. Well done of the weight gain…I can put on 2 kgs in day. Sigh. It’s taken me 8 months of intensely careful eating to lose 8 kgs. Wanna swop for a while?? 🙂

  5. All you need is to eat some of the Carolina Meals I grew up on ( and still cook often ) for about a week, and then you’ll probably be coming to the U.S. hunting me down like “Elmer Fud” hunting a wabbit…thank God, Elmer never did get that wabbit.. I’ll hook you up with some recipes if ya like, as long as you promise not to send “Bazooka Man” after me.

    I’ll be sure not to accept any suspect packages that may show up on my doorstep in the shape of a “Cake-box”
    God Bless You

  6. Jy is PRAGTIG, fyn van postuur, en ek sou my agtertande gee om ook so pragtig te lyk. Ek moet by die 40kg verloor, as jy bietjie daarvan wil hê, praat net. Ek gee gratis weg.

    Mense moet ophou om ander so te oordeel, ons weet nie wat agter iemand anders se deur aangaan nie. Daar is wel mense wat uitermate maer is, wat ‘n probleem het.

  7. I say embrace your thinness and appreciate every moment, Cin, as long as you’re healthy…so glad to hear you’re succeeding in gaining what you need to, and are almost off your medication. All the best for even better health, xo

  8. It only depends on the kind of relationship I have with someone to be able to comment on their weight gain. And on the loss I never comment, that one can be sensitive considering the times we live in where diseases are reighning. I am not a person to want to put another in any kind of discomfort.

  9. Well done on the weight gain! I know how upsetting it can be when one is thin and people make thoughtless comments – my son gets incredibly upset by any remarks about his lack of any body fat! You’ll just need to grow extra skin as well.

  10. Good job, if it were humanly possible to give you 3kg of mine, I’d do it in a heart beat. 🙂 You know what else annoys me, people who are over weight having a go at smokers, or super religious folk judging your beliefs. It just ain’t right. Keep up the weight gain girl. Proud of you.

  11. When I was thin (really I was, though it was long ago!) people eould ask if I was that way on purpose…or suggest I eat. Sadly, now that I’m not thin I don’t get offered extra goodies anymore! (Maybe that’s why I’m not thin anymore because I accepted too many of those goodies back then, hmmm….)

  12. Fortunately for you, one of my friends is a foodie and is from Texas…I shall give her a hug from you…I certainly hope her new boy friend understands this nothing personal. 😉

  13. Congrats on the weight gain! And I’m with you on the fat/thin question – or rather, the permissibility of criticizing thin but not fat. I think the assumption is that people are thin out of choice, while the tendency to gain weight is beyond one’s control.

  14. The curse of prescription drugs – &%#$* side effects. Very wise that you don’t tell us the name of the drug. There’d be a slew of us balding madonnas showing off curves instead of bulges in a matter of weeks!

  15. I HEAR YOU. I am thin too. I have always been thin and i have always asked myself the same question. Asking you why you are so thin is Rude. And rude people should get The Look! with the addition of a lifted eyebrow.. anyway.. this is what i think. Hi Cindy you are looking great, have a fab day.c

  16. Fab job on your gain, lady! I’m with you on your lament. It burns me, too, that it is oft not done in a loving manner, but with a hint of spite and a dash of mock concern. Boo, sorry, shall get off my box now. Continued health to you, no matter what you weigh in at ~

  17. I was so thin growing up and now my daugther is still thin, very thin at 23. We didn’t and don’t choose this. I told her the next time a fat person says my you are so skinny it’s a miracle you walk that she needs to tell them they are so fat it’s a miracle they could get in the door. I’m tired of it and so is she. Why is it ok to pick on skinny people? I say we shouldn’t have to take that crap.

  18. You know the meds I take for the fibromyalgia and asthma make me sooooooooooooooooooooo hungry. But when I took Adderal for ADD I had to remind my self to eat! drugs are good, drugs are bad.

  19. Wow! I’d take my hat off to you Cindy if I wore one but 82 comments?! ye gods! I’m lucky if I can manage 26! How do you do it? What is your magic? We would all like some. And as for fighting to PUT ON WEIGHT?! ye gods you’ve got a lot of things going your way 🙂

  20. Hi Cin. I’m actually just checking…. trying to find out if you are the Cin I think you are.
    I am pretty sure we “met” on some other blog – a couple of years ago. Then work did the unforgivable and prevented me from visiting there a lot and I lost touch with you and a number of other lovely foodies.
    You might (will) remember me – Markella. Let me know.

  21. Nice to see you. I love your blog. And no… unfortunately – work gets in the way of such pleasurable pursuits! Still baking madly though.

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