I didn’t participate in Sidey’s weekend challenge ‘Birthday Party’ last week, as I was away and offline. However, earlier this week I received an order for a birthday cake that would have made an excellent contribution to the challenge. The theme of the party was ‘camouflage’ and the cake had to fit in. Initially the client wanted camouflage icing, but I explained that icing is not my big thing and asked if tiny toy soldiers dressed in camouflage would suffice as decoration of the cake.


My trawl of the local toy store yielded larger soldiers than I wanted, so I would have to make the cake larger to get the proportion right.

The brief was not very specific: it was the birthday boy’s 50th and he adores chocolate in any form. I set to making the choc cakes, sandwiched them with a melted BarOne fondant wedged with mini Chomp bars.


All assembled and all that I had to do was fill the centre with nut truffle, but a problem arose: one of the blokes simply refused to hold a weapon. I tried a rifle, a grenade … he wouldn’t even hold his walkie-talkie. I asked my Facebook friends for help. 75 comments yielded hilarious suggestions:

“He is clearly not infantry or the comms officer – try a tampon, maybe he is a medic!!”

“Can a Barbie wineglass fit into the soldier’s hand? Use a teensy dash of Prestik to hold it in place….and once the cake is where it is going to stay until its cut a drop of my merlot can be poured into the glass… “

“It’s too big, I am waiting for Our Alice to finish washing the floor, then I will go and hunt for a candle that will fit, probably the best solution, because the dude won’t hold his walkie talkie either, stubborn bastard …”

In the end I conceded defeat and gave the man a handbag, with a little note in it.

Clearly, this particular soldier is the kind we need more of to make a better world?



  1. Haha! Looks great and I can hear you had loads of fun. The cake looks like the sort of caves the soldiers hide in in the bushes!
    A lil’ update, I had great fun yesterday, it seems I started work on a nice footing. The office ladies where given a day off at the royal hotel, nice prizes where won and goody bags with tid bits where given. One of them had a kinky bottom less underwear Cin, hehe! Wine(sparkling) tasting, I had to laugh when I was showed the correct way of holding a wine glass. There is a good wine shop Cin here in town called Morara. And the pyramid day spa pampered us with (free) massages. We had fun.

  2. I absolutely love that you gave him a purse with a note! I would think that made the cake even more special! I’m sure they got a big kick out of it and probably tried all night to get that soilder to hold something, anything!

  3. Oh i was having a lovely time coasting through your shots, everything sweet and yummy and then that joke at the end, I have a number of gay friends in the theatre and film world and they would LOVE that! Plus the cake I am sure!! made me laugh! c

  4. a wonderful and illuminating blog; you get the most challenging commisions but you always come up trumps; clearly a professional 🙂

  5. So cool. Very tasty, such a fan of the chocolate on chocolate in chocolate cake. Mmmmm. Shall I put in an order now? :)My birthday is on the 31st Jan. Lol! Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

  6. Oh! Where were you when my son was little? … Of course, I actually think you guys are about the same age!! LOL!

    It’s really a great cake. Original.

    P.S.: love the cartoon …

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