To say I was frazzled and burnt out when I arrived in Cape Town on Friday morning would be an understatement. Tandy  (my ‘sister-from-another-mother) took charge of me and informed me that she had booked a massage for me in the afternoon. We took a drive up a very steep road (she drives like the racecar pro she once was) to the top of a high mountain (where she took this photo) and, on the way down, we were blessed with the sight of whales playing in the bay.

She consulted her homeopathic reference books and took me off to buy tissue salts (a carguard asked if we were twins!) before dropping me off at the salon for my massage.
Back at their house, in a state of relaxed dreaminess, I listened as Tandy and Dave cooked for the dinner party they were hosting that evening. The starter was crayfish in bisque and I was mildly curious to hear that they had cooked the crayfish in a sport utility vehicle; it was SUVd this and SUVd that. Then I heard Tandy tell Dave to sieve the vegetables through a chin wag. I was sure I’d heard correctly. It was only on Saturday, when we met old friends for lunch and I raved about the meal of the night before that I was made aware of my misunderstanding: the crayfish had not been cooked in a car, but had been sous vide and that a chin wag is, in fact, a chinoise, a conical sieve with an extremely fine mesh. Those bloody French!
The dinner party went extremely well (seared tuna for mains and chocolate mousse for pud, with lots of wine throughout) and we finished much later than expected and had to scurry to meet our friend JustChef and her daughter for a quick coffee before heading out to the Southern Suburbs to have lunch with granny, browniegirl and her husband. What a lovely time I had catching up with these dear, dear friends with whom I have shared so many ups and downs over the years. Too soon the beautiful dessert (pics by browniegirl) was served and it was time to head for the Wine Festival.

A very full day saw me ready to hit the sack with my snuggly bed companions, Molly and Patch to get some much-needed shut eye before an equally jam-packed Sunday.



  1. Love it…what a wonderful day…and the photos helped carry me thru the day as tho I’d spent it with you.
    Thanks for sharing your interesting day.

    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine/USA

  2. Die kuiertjie het jou die wereld se goed gedoen. ( en al is ek vrek bang vir honde, hou ek van hierdie twee se shiny black teddiebeer neuse 🙂

  3. Lovely!! Saw granny on Saturday night – she was still smiling from your visit. Hope to sit down for a cappachino with you next time 😉

  4. Now that sounds exactly how things would have gone had I been along for the trip…Cept, I WOULD have cooked the craw-daddies in the old Jeep. Probably would have sieved them through the radiator, if I wasn’t already making the wine there. Anyway, lovely read as always…and thanks for visiting…Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Well, actually I did forget. On my last post I had to go back and incorporate my Title Pun. But, I’m pretty sure you got the gist anyway. “Sweetest Sour I Know…Or, Sweetest Hour…time to knead the dough…
    God Bless you

  5. Love it!! teehee…..and love you too!! Was so good to see you. Rest and get completely better now! Look forward to another wonderful catch up next time. Wish they could happen more often. It was good for all of us xxx

  6. It sounds like a wonderfulweekend, Cin! you and Tandy seems like such good soulmates and friends… it is soooo wonderful! I hope that teh rest of your week will be just as marvellous!

  7. What a brilliant and perfectly perfect day. 🙂 Patch is cute. 🙂 And I just love the view from the top of the steep hill. Gorgeous. Glad you were spoilt and enjoyed the cooked in car Crayfish. 🙂

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