Sidey’s weekend theme this week is Sunset, I like to watch mine from my backyard, on a cane chair, with a nice glass of wine. That glass of wine is a type of ceremony; I reflect on my day and make a mental note of what needs to be done tomorrow. A routine of sorts, I am – after all – a creature of habit.

One habit, when I was on my previous blogging platform, I thoroughly enjoyed answering Pink Polka Dot’s weekly food quiz and combining it with Side View’s weekend theme every Saturday morning. When I came over to WordPress I deleted that blog and stopped going to the platform. I am so glad that Pinky has moved over here now and I can take up the quizzes again.

1. What is a Mille Feuille?

A multilayered dessert of puff pastry with sweet filling

2. What is the national dish of Indonesia?

Nasi Goreng

3. Percentage wise, how much water does a mushroom contain?


4. What is Ponzu?

A sauce in Japanese food.

5. What is the national fruit ofIndia?


6. What is the difference between a pawpaw and a papaya?

There’s a difference?

7. What is “Caldo verde” and what is the main ingredient?

Portuguese green soup, it’s mainly made of potatoes, but coloured with kale. We don’t have cale so – at Adega, where I often order it – they use spinach.

8. What enzyme does pineapples contain that tenderizes proteins?

Bromelain, learned that from my ex MIL

9. What is Amchoor more commonly known as?

I have to take a guess, is it an Indian spice?

10. What is a Machiato? 

An espresso with a dash of milk



  1. Beautiful clouds! I wouldn’t like to demonstrate my ignorance re food names, Cindy. You could even slot in the name of a town in Russia and I would be none the wiser, lol.

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  3. what a fun set of questions. Are you going to post the correct answers.?
    #5 you think Mangoes? hmmmm what about litchis…?

    #6 I’d say pawpaws are absolutely deevine papayas. Or what a papaya wishes it could be.

    #7 You dont get Kale in SA? Good grief you cannot substitute it with spinach, its an entirely different veggie! If Kale isnt available you’ve got to grow it. It will be my pleasure to send you a packet of seeds. Give me your address on my email. Really. I mean it.

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