… and why there are so many people present at a photo shoot.

Out of my kitchen, over the past two days, I have produced and delivered to a shoot to feed 13 people (and this is just the things I remember making):

28 tubs of yoghurt

2 kgs of muesli

1 chocolate cake

2 dozen buttermilk rusks

1 dozen chocolate chip muffins

3 French loaves with assorted fillings

4kgs of roasted chicken

28 large meatballs

2kgs of potato salad

1 buffet cocktail snack tray

18 packets of crisps

25 assorted candy bars

Four vegan meals.

1 Eton mess

Two days and I had to supply breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea at the studio for the crew, who had to produce 16 photographs of pizzas. Why 16 people when the photographer could simply go into the restaurant and take a quick snapshot, you ask?

Well, it works like this:

The client has to be there to approve the shots on screen before they go to the advertising agency for production of the final advertising material. The client’s recipe developer also has to be there to make sure each pizza is the one that needs to be in the next campaign. FIVE representatives.

The advertising agency has to be present: the client service person to look after the clients and the creative director to make sure her initial concept design is adhered to. TWO PEOPLE.

Normal food doesn’t often photograph well, so a stylist is needed to arrange the food artfully (to cheat) and to supply props to make the shot fit in with the restaurant’s ambience. The stylist brings along a props assistant and a cleaner to wash up after each shot. THREE PEOPLE.

When we finally get to taking the pictures, our cameraman needs a lighting assistant and another chap to hand him a new camera / umbrella / other technical doodad as is required. THREE PEOPLE.

Sometimes they are not ready for me when I arrive at the designated time: all the above parties and myself are supplied with a ‘call sheet’ which details the running order of the shoot to the last minute. At these times I wait outside the studio and look at people’s Facebook photos to quell boredom.

Things I have learned from Facebook photo albums:

Some people have really, really ugly sofas and soft furnishings.

Some folk don’t pick up their dog poop very often and it forms interesting backdrop patterns for their out-of-focus photos of their pets.

No matter how ugly your child is, you will believe he/she is cute and continue to push pics of him/her into everybody’s eyes.

Everyone has a very different idea of what good food is.


90 thoughts on “WHY I’VE BEEN SCARCE …

  1. No wonder my oxtail doesn’t look rich like the ones in mag’s/tv. I even asked my sister over the weekend and she said I should try brown onion soup though oxtail is equally rich in brown colour. Haha! Thanks for enlightening some of us 🙂

  2. We always have a good chuckle with my sister about other people with their kids. I have a friend who’s childs nose is always stuffed and I don’t know how to tell her, but can’t she see it herself? Eeeuw! It’s so funny but again if I don’t see my child as a gem who do I expect to? Lovely post.

  3. My gosh! That’s a lot of job opportunities right there! 😀

    On the things you learn from FB… I have to admit: sometimes it is scary, sometimes it is laughable, sometimes it is ridiculous and sometimes you just skip right over it! 😀 😀 (And sometimes it makes me wonder why the hell people spend that much time on FB…)

  4. Bwahaha! Love your FB observations.

    We are slowly by surely evicting the really ugly soft furnishings we inherited with the villa. Valances are now GONE, GONE, GONE.

    And you are so right about parents’ bias towards their children ~ not just in the looks department, either. Parents tend to feel their kids are the cleverest, most talented, and smartest bananas in the bunch. Often, they are mistaken. 😆

  5. Why didn’t you ask me to come and help?
    After I’ve finished with the cooking, not very many people will be alive to populate the genepool… 🙂
    I’ve been on photo shoots and I’m forever fascinated with the different roles and processes that happen during them… The worst is participating in a film shoot… horrid!
    (Now excuse me – I’m off to go and scrutinize my facebook pics…)

  6. LOL! What a fantastic spread for all those people…I love the colourful array of antipasti…the word exhausted comes to mind, at the end of the day. Great job!

  7. I’m about snorting now! You are so funny. Unfortunately I have a hideous couch. You will never see it on facebook. Oh darn it might be in some of my dog photos on the blog. 😦

    The food sure looks good.

  8. I admire your stamina. Some years ago I helped a friend who did some catering and together the two of us made the food for a mutual friend’s wedding – a 3 course hot meal for 135 people – so I know that catering means a lot of standing and a lot of hard work.

  9. I don’t think I could eat again if I had prepared that much food! … and then you had to lug it to the site. Ugh! Oh my.

    Ditto your last line. Found that out as a result of two mixed marriages! Ha …

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