It’s Julia Child’s birthday today … or would have been. I’ll make an outright confession and bear the consequences … I never cared much for her and, with the movie hype and that silly girl trying to cook her way through Mrs Child’s book, I was put off even more. Meryl Streep seemed to be doing a Hyacinth Bucket imitation of Julia. Anyhow, anyone’s birthday is a good enough excuse to have a glass of bubbly …

Another reason for a glass of champers is that I have a great giveaway for one lucky Johannesburg couple. On the 10th and 17th of September, Janice Scheckter is presenting her International Wine Course at The Wine School. Janice says “The first Saturday covers the Old World includingFrance,Italy,Spain,Portugal andGermany while the second Saturday covers South America, Aus andNew Zealand. You’ll leave this course knowing exactly what a Bordeaux Blend is, whyNew Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc is worth tasting and that the Aussies make better wine than rugby players.” Valued at R1350 per person, you’ll come away a true Wine Guru; just say why you want it; all names will go into a hat for a lucky draw.

For those not in Johannesburg, you can subscribe to Janice’s very entertaining and informative newsletters by clicking here.


61 thoughts on “A GREAT GIVEAWAY!

  1. I love wine, but know insufficient about the culture, the mystique and the science behind it all. I’d love to know why I was hooked on the Aussie reds (definitely better than their rugby players).

    Teaching me some more would be great protection for my friends who have to put up with my choices.

  2. What a nice idea for a giveaway. I’m too far awway (we seem to be running into that proble, quite regularly, it seems). I read Child’s memoir, My Life in France, partially, as I didn’t enjoy it enough.

    Happy Julia Child’s birthday!

  3. Sounds lovely but I would be such a spoil sport and I know my partner would not be interested. Most probably we could be the only young and black people to attend should we win. I will give it a pass.

    • Hello Sparkle

      It’s Janice here from The Wine School – just to assure you that my school is diverse in every way – age included (as long as you’re over 18 that is :-). My philosophy is that wine is for everyone and I aim to take any pretentious bull%$#@ right out of it. I make it fun, accessible and very unpretentious. Maybe one day you and your partner will reconsider.

      Keep sparkling

    • I think you’d be very surprised, Sparkle, all the wine events I attend are very well balanced in terms of race and i have actually never considered it at all. I doubt that anyone in the ‘wine community’ does.

  4. I really enjoyed the movie, Cin Even though Meryl’s voice got on my nerves, Mr Tucci made up for it – I do love him as an actor. Good luck Jozi comp entrants – what a wonderful prize!

  5. Hyacinth Bucket imitation – you crack me up!!!! I had a dream about you last night. I dreamed that you made this most incredible soup, crazy was that it was a squash soup, and even crazier was that you cooked it in the sink…you had some mad talent!

  6. I kinda enjoyed the film :)… and frankly I didn’t Julia Child until I saw the movie…but again, many of my foodie friends said the movie’s silly!

  7. Oh please, pick me, pick me – so that I can do full justice to appreciating Cindy’s blog!! Except that we won’t be here on 17 September 😦 Haven’t watched the movie either, so better get with the program…but I fancy a glass of that champagne regardless!

  8. Julia Child took cooking out of the kitchen and moved it into the living room ~ she encouraged cooks to avoid convenience food (TV Dinners) in favor of something a bit more palatable.

    For that, I’ll always love her.

    But my favorite cooking show on PBS way back when was the Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr. What a fun loving chef!

  9. I have to admit that I was so excited about watching that movie: Julie & Julia, but alas my expectation was too high and my disappointment much greater! It is the kind of movie that you want to watch with a bottle of wine to distract you from waiting for it to get better. At least that way the wine is still good 😉

  10. But ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooing’ (both vols) is a bible – completely essential for any French classics – with some very good (reliable) recipes. Even if it is badly laid out so that you turn the page and find you need more ingredients! My copies are well cooked (spines cracked, pages splodged)

    Couldn’t bear the book (pretentious rubbish) – I was unable even to finish it – threw it in the recycling bin. I like Meryl Streep as an actor so I sat through the film but I wouldn’t watch it a second time…

  11. I’m back for a bit! Can’t partake in this, but I’ll tell you one thing – I definitely wouldn’t mind partaking in some of that cake you baked for Sidey’s colleague…it looks SO yummy…

  12. You know me Cindy, I love wine and I think it would be awesome to taste the rest of the world and I stay in Pretoria and I am a couple 😉 please put my name 10 000 times in that hat. (seems I’m the only guy that has entered!?)

  13. I liked Julia Child. (You would probably have had to have known the U.S. in late 40s, early 50s to appreciate.) Watched her with both my mom and my son. Generational. As for the movie/book: loved the parts of the movie that were about Julia and Paul (actually quite an interesting alliance), but not the rest. Didn’t think the book worth dipping into. Love your characterization of Meryle Streep as Hyacynth. Perfect! We do love Hyacinth.

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