… yes, even cowgirls get ‘em.

I am taking the day off. See you all on the flipside. I leave you with my cake of the day (for a work colleague of Sidey) and the food trivia of the day (directly copied from Have a good week and be careful out there.

National S’Mores Day
St. Lawrence of Rome Day, patron of cooks, protector of vineyards

1833 Chicago, Illinois, was incorporated as a village, its population was about 200.

1889 Dan Rylands patented a screw cap for bottles. He was employed at the Hope Glass Works, Barnsley, Yorkshire, England. Thank you, mister Rylands!

1917 Clara Peller was born. She is the actress who is famous for her Wendy’s TV commercial, “Where’s the beef?”

1947 Ian Anderson of the music group ‘Jethro Tull’ was born.

1998 Massena ‘Andy’ Gump died. Inventor and portable toilet king of Southern California


62 thoughts on “THE BLUES …

  1. I thought you would be having visitors this week, Cin, but I see Tandy’s comment. So – the blues are the real, feeling ones. I’m so sorry and am sending you lots of positive thoughts, hugs and wishes.

  2. So that’s your secret for being able to pack so much into a day – Viagra for women! Seriously, Cin, I hope those are some sort of sweet (liquorice perhaps?) and not something to be swallowed whole.

    That cake is beyond a triumph.

    Enjoy your breathing space – it looks like a good sunny day there for escaping the demands of your desk

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