Saturday morning found me in the beautiful wine bar at the Sandton Sun for the photoshoot follow up of last week’s Winestyle Magazine Pros vs Punters event. The wine bar overlooks the glorious pool deck and I was very tempted to lounge out there and soak up the sun.

They been clever with the decor, this is the floor at the entrance to the wine bar.

I was told to wear jeans and a bright TShirt, couldn’t think of a better message to share with the world at large. I just love the Stoned Cherrie label! I got a bit lost trying to find my car (could have been the great gin martini … or the wine …) and saw this monstrous beast of a building. Sorry, it doesn’t do it for me at all.

Driving home I spotted this bloke holding a suitcase almost as big as himself with one hand, while he steered with the other. Not sure how he managed to stay on.

As a contrast to the Obikwa bargains I bagged last week, I splurged (R125) on a bottle of Warwick and did soak up the sunshine after all and had a lovely nap, albeit in my own back garden.



  1. Sounds like a stunning morning, Cin! Don’t think I could have resisted that pool deck, and glad to hear you got some sun later πŸ˜€ Thanks for the link to the Winestyle registration page via FB – looking forward to my first issue…

  2. Nice T-shirt. The buildings @ the back of the deck are scary! I don’t understand the funny shape.
    Have a lovely week Cin πŸ˜‰

  3. Love the entrance to the wine bar! When life emulates wine . . . it’s Vibrant, Bold, Robust, Rich, Strong, Elegant, Crisp, and Velvety!

    Great t-shirt too.

    The building is aptly named . . . looking like one of DaVinci’s sketches. πŸ˜€

  4. Now that is a deck that I can lounge on too! I kind’a like the monster building… Seems like a few new, modern ones are rising up out of all that construction dust and inconvenience. Can’t wait to see the magazine pics! (Some lovely pics, Cin! I like the one with the words πŸ™‚

  5. If I’d run into you wearing that t-shirt when I was in Africa, I’m confident it would now be in Canada! There may have been a jail sentence in between!

    I agree – I would not have to look at that building in my view. The lines in the building in the first photo fascinates me. I’m picturing people sitting on slanted floors, holding on to their desks for dear life as they careen down the tilts!

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