Firstly, a very happy birthday to my dear friend, Tandy, who makes my life so rich with her loyal friendship. I wish I was close enough to bake her a birthday cake, but a virtual one will have to do … until I see her again in August.

We’ve had a windfall of unusual vegetables recently.

I was thrilled to find some Mexican blue fingerling potatoes, madumbis and some strange calabashes that taste just like gem squash. The flowers are from Sidey, when I was ill. Isn’t it amazing how well they are lasting?

After Saturday’s catering stint, I was quite exhausted and did an easy lunch; a roasted eisbein and veggies in tin foil. There’s a local restaurant that offers a free third eisbein if you can eat two. I don’t think it’s humanly possible, we share one among the three of us and there is still a big chunk of meat left; pea soup later in the week.

I’m really loving the warmer weather, our sun this morning was full of the promise of spring, but I expect we’ll be hit by another cold spell in August.

I’m to bake a six-tier cake today, I’ve done the first two, but I’m going to a spa for a massage before I tackle the rest.
Have a good week, my friends. I leave you with this, from Schott’s Food & Drink Miscellany:
The hierarchy of gastronomy:
Friand (epicure)
Goulu (glutton)
Goinfre (Greedy-guts)

Gourmand: one whose chief pleasure is eating.
Gourmet: a connoisseur of food and wines.



  1. Have a lovely day Cin. I am having an interview at your side of town. I hope I get the job though it will disorganize my plans for K’s scholing. it’s a perm, me tired of temps.

  2. What’s eisbein? I’ve never heard of it. And please can you give me the instructions for baking a meat with veg in tinfoil. I like the sound of it.

    6 tiers – you never fail to impress me.

  3. OMG, what a fascinating (and pretty :-)) post, Cindy. Never heard of those funny-looking blue potatoes, nor most of the terms at the end. Thanks for informing me, Happy Birthday to Tandy, and Happy Baking!!

  4. I felt like you last night!
    I baked a Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Cake, Cheese Muffins and another Cheesy Savoury Pastry thing for the office. It is one of the girls birthdays and she loves Lemon meringue so i decided to make one rather than buy one and then decided why don’t I just make it all! It was fun! I love playing the in the kitchen – but definately not as much as you!! 🙂 Have a good day!

  5. how awesome are the blue potatoes! I’ve just found some to, but supply isn’t consistant so will try grow some myself. I made “blue salad” consisting of blue potatoes, blue cheese and rocket 🙂

  6. Alway so interesting to hear you comments about the coming of spring as we enter our fall season…winter here is quite short lived…which is of course why we live here in SoCal. 🙂

  7. thank you for my cake! I wish I could get some of those potatoes – I will have to shop wisely in August. I got the same flowers today for my birthday in a quirky vase 🙂 See you soon! and I hope you enjoyed your massage xxx

  8. Whoops! You left out one other in the gastronomic list: Gourátout: Truly starving person who will eat or drink anything s/he can find, although they are particularly fond of sun-fried scorpions with a chaser of their own urine for afters. . . I believe it falls somewhere between “friand” and “gourmand.”

  9. The thing I like about veld flowers (wild flowers) is that they last!! I think I admire the survivor mentality, come rain or shine. Because they’re not considered to be much they sell for cheaper than some other roses. It always makes me think of how something is judged by it’s outer appearance and made off as less valuable. But then again, it makes them more affordable, which means I could have flowers more often and that was a great upside.

    Those look like the red potatoes that you also find here. I’m not sure what the difference is between those and the ones I’m used to finding in SA but they taste pretty much the same to me. If you cook them in the skin, however, it can add some nice colour to a meal.

    Pretty cake; are those pomegranate pips?

  10. If I tell you when my birthday is, please may I have a cake too? (so long as that’s not a recipe by our least favourite female cook) (she who shall not be named) 🙂

  11. You’re so thoughtful to post such a deelish birthday cake today as it’s also my Mr F’s birthday today. I showed him his virtual cake and he loved it – especially as we think you’ve put Cape gooseberries on the top with the pomegranates?

    A 6 tier cake? You’re really baking such a thing? How absolutely marvellously outrageously decadent. Who’s it for?

    love the foodie terms. my favourite is: Goinfre (Greedy-guts)

  12. Lovely post. The photos are wonderful and the cake! Wow! I could eat it off the screen. Yum! Yum!

    Two to look up for me: madumbis/a kind of yam; eisbien/ham hock (that’s what it looked like to me – don’t know how anyone could eat one, much less three!).

    Happy days …

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