You lot are all going to suspect that I’m a hypochondriac soon. As true as daylight, my flu came back and hit me uspide the head. If I hadn’t been so ill, I’d have felt guilty of malingering myself. Any rate, if I’ve left offensive comments, otherwise caused umbrage because of neglecting a friend, or tooted Bohemian Rhapsody out of my undercarriage, I am sorry. I cannot be held accountable for my actions while I am delirious.
And it wasn’t half as bearable as last week’s flu, no Colin Firth this time. Nope, I got Peter Falk, which gave me a terrible fright seeing as didn’t he just die about a week ago? No dead people, thanks all the same, I sent him back wherever he came from. Instead I got Nurse Houlihan from M*A*S*H… Go figure, that’s the kind of luck I’m having.

And limping in for Side View’s weekend challenge; Friday marks the symbolic end to my daughter’s childhood; her thirteenth birthday. I’ve got a busy time ahead and I find myself introspective and sentimental. Time goes by so fast …enough soppy stuff,
here, have a muffin.

Hoo hah! Whatever you do, don’t Google ‘lame and infirm’ … seems it’s the favourite search engine term for the Hell & Brimstone Brigade!


72 thoughts on “LAME AND INFIRM, BUT BACK

  1. Oh dear, Cin – being delirious is no fun at all, particularly with visitations from a cross-eye gumshoe and a… well, probably best left unsaid… glad to see you back on your feet 🙂 Enjoy the party planning (one day she will be your best friend – just remember that)

  2. After a glass or two of fine wine…I have forgotten what you said about one of my pictures…wait…who’s post am I commenting on…oh…never mind…feel better soon. 🙂

  3. Really sorry you are having to deal with this horrid bug, Cin. I don’t know how moms get through these things…like being the dazzling (recovering) mom who produces the important birthday gathering.

  4. I wondered if you weren’t ill again. So sorry to hear you didn’t get a second chance with Colin Firth… hope you’re fully recovered soon. You must be feling pretty washed out.

  5. Sorry you are feeling rotten again, sending over some soup, and thanks, I’d love a muffin! They look wonderful.

    As for your daughter reaching 13 – I have 2 daughters, both in their 20’s, and I loved the teen years! Teenagers are great fun, full of strong opinions and energy. One may feel sad at the passing of childhood, but the best is yet to come, I promise.

    Feel better soon!

  6. You sure you’re not still delirious? Poor Cin. You must have got up too soon from last week’s sick bed; the body needs time to recover.

    Happy birthday to your daughter. Now the terror (I use that word advisedly, with its echo of France, 1789) begins. You’re going to wish you were still out of it all. 🙂

    Get better soon, and don’t feel the need to go rushing round the blogs, leaving comments. We’ll still be here.

  7. seems you have been hit sideways by the flu! I am hoping mine does not progress from the sore throat I have! I am looking forward to Friday …. Have a great day xxx

  8. man, Cindy, I’m just drooling over that muffin. and \I reckon coming from you it wouldn’t be a garden variety one but something special 🙂 funny I’ve had a bad cold the last couple of days and had a flue shot: the doctor said I wouldn’t even notice any possible side effects as I already displayed flu-like symptoms

  9. Jy werk te hard vriendin!!! Time to slow down and smell the roses perhaps??
    Take care and look after yourself!

  10. Wow! You have had a time of it.

    Soppy is a natural state for a mother! I defend us to the end. No apologies.

    Lovely cupcakes. Yummy! 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your “dort.”

  11. So sorry to hear this flu is taking time to shift, Cindy. I thought your rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody had artistic merit, but I have to say Her Majesty did let slip afterwards that your crescendo towards the final section was a little de trop. I’ve blamed the flu, don’t worry.

    Thanks for the muffin. Yum.

  12. Happy Birthday for your daughter….
    you know on your 13th birthday you have to have chocolate cup cakes: muffin else will do

  13. So sorry to hear you’re laid up again. Seems like once you get the flu, you’ve got it for awhile. At least that’s how the one we dealt with here over winter was. Happy 13th birthday to your daughter — I bet she’s excited beyond belief. Get well, and don’t push yourself too hard.

  14. Sick as a dog and still thinking of others (by giving them muffins) – you are lovely. Hope you can kick it to the curb soon. A 13th birthday party – is that when the fun ‘kid’ birthdays officially end? No more fairy bread and party bags?

  15. Aah, you poor thing. We had that earlier in the year – I called it our “trampoline virus”. Every time we seemed a bit better, it would bounce back and smack us down again. Get well soon, and happy 13th birthday – I reckon we get to share them with our kids, since we’re the ones who actually gave birth! 🙂

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