Well doesn’t this beggar belief? On this date, in 1626 A large Codfish, split open at a Cambridge market, is found to contain a copy of a book of religious treatises by John Frith. The witch hunt brigade must have been delirious!
Also on today’s calendar; in 1868 Christopher Nathan Sholes of Wisconsin patented a mechanical writing machine, called a type-writer. It was as large as a desk, made of black walnut and had black and white keys. He signed a deal with the Remington Arms company for its manufacture in 1873. It was Remington who turned it into a more practical machine. Chefs could now type their recipes so others could read them (only Doctors have more illegible handwriting than Chefs). Appropriately enough, I started at my list of things-to-do yesterday and puzzled for ages over one item: affies. It finally dawned; Sally had reminded me of Meeta’s Monthly Mingle challenge and I’d jotted down a note to cook with apples!

Winter fruit is abundant here, so I had ample affies at hand. I also had some smoked hocks and decided to roast them, along with the apples and then to use the apples to make a spicy relish, adding chopped chillies.

Perfect to take along on our weekend trip to the Drakensberg for crusty fireside sandwiches and soup.

All food history is sourced from foodreference.com



  1. Had to laugh as I read this…since at university I developed a note taking code to help me keep up with the anatomy lectures…alas..I couldn’t read my own hand writing. 🙂 Fortunately the professor gave out wonderful handouts.

  2. Bwahahaha . . . Holy Codfish! 😀
    Talk about swallowing religious dogma “hook, line, and sinker.”

    Enjoy your weekend get-away . . . fireside, no less.

    • My friend is the MD at The Nest, but I’ve never been there. I am not mad about Little Switzerland, but there are oodles of activity for Bunn and her friend, and Old Spouse and Che can hike to their heart’s content.

  3. For a moment I thought Affies was a South-African word – it could have been! My handwriting is bad too. Well, we’re not calligraphers, are we?

    My sons had two days at school dedicated to South-Africa so they learned some Afrikaans phrases which, if you know Dutch, can sounds pretty funny. Ruben (12) liked most: “Wie nie waag nie wie nie wen nie”. Today, they’re learning Zimbabwean sculpturing. Last week before the holidays, it’s all big fun!

      • We arrive next Tuesday evening with a sleep over at my folks place then back to the airport for an early flight to PE and what will be a welcomed drive home to Sundays River to await the arrival of our Mauritius kitties. 😀 I do hope that the introduction to our other cat goes well. Hopefully I will make a trip to Joburg with Pete sometime in the nearish future. I will let you know as I would love to meet you. 🙂

  4. I also wish for a dictaphone at my present employ. I am in H R and some cases will go as far as ccma/labour court and what I record has to be accurate and relevant/readable to myself too!
    enjoy your holiday Cin

  5. Well, now we know why Christians use a fish symbol to extoll their beliefs. It was a rambunctious Codfish, not mere fishes and loaves! 🙂 Have a great time – may you have the perfect reading material. Do not haul the Remington!

    • A hock is the joint in the hind leg of an animal, above the fetlock joint, corresponding anatomically to the ankle in humans.
      I will bring back lots of pics for you, OK?

  6. ”crusty fireside sandwiches and soup.”
    You just described a thing or rather two things of great beauty! :0)
    I love soup…
    And I looooooove bread.The crustier, the better.

  7. Just picked one of the first ripe “affies” from one of the three affie trees in our yard. It tasted wonderful, although I had to remove a worm before eating it (glad I checked!). Very crisp, very tart, with a sweet aftertaste. They make great affiesauce, which is what I do with most of the affies from our trees. I just cut them in half. check for worms or other bugs, then toss them in a big pot with a little water, and let them simmer and stew. When they are soft, they go through the food mill, which keeps out the skins, stems and cores. Then if needed, I add some sugar or a sweetener, and then mix in some cinnamon. the sauce usually lasts for us through the Winter. I will sometimes make an affie pie. While I love to eat affie pies, I hate peeling affies! They are even harder to peel than apples!

  8. Was that fish fished out up in Cambridge, Massechusettes? I am in Boston today and we passed Cambridge and Harvard, Boston U. etc… I ate some sushi down at the Market square, and coughed up a tiny paper, that only said ” an affie a day keeps thy devile away” so apparently the fish are still up to it here in Boston Harbor.
    Nice post. Enjoy your weekend. Hoping to see pics of your hotel and stay.

  9. I still like to write in my notebooks by hand, Cin, but too am finding my scribbles increasingly illegible (and being neither a doctor nor a chef, have no excuse other than old age 😉 )

  10. every time I look at your blog, Debra, I work up a ravenous appetite; I’m going to have to do it on a full stomach next time 🙂

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