I recently started reading the lovely Sally’s blog, My Custard Pie. Yesterday, Sally gave us a peep into her kitchen and invited us to do the same. (She had come upon the idea via Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.)
I love seeing other bloggers’ kitchens and what they’re doing with ingredients. Apparently Celia does a monthly ‘In my kitchen picture post’, listing new and interesting things in her kitchen.
This is my kitchen, messier than usual as I am beginning to prep for a catering gig.

A new arrival this week; a lovely pack of Nicoletta cake decorating products to try out:
4 tubes of Glitter Writing Icing,
1 jar of Heavenly Hearts,
1 pack of Love Notes
1jar of Lilac Cake Crystals

This was my first attempt to see what the Glitter Writing Icing can do; I have much practising ahead…

Some newbies (and some oldies) on my shelf; I love NoMU products more and more. The purple tin in the foreground is my newest acquisition and I used it for our lunch. The large silver object in the background is a 1KG bag of their drinking chocolate, which I received on Tuesday. Thanks Paul and Tracy! My lucky clients are going to be so spoilt.

Back to that purple tin. We were gifted with a glorious, sunny day. Warm enough to have lunch outside, picnic style. Chicken thighs roasted with NoMU Pistachio and Sumac Dipper, crispy fried red onion and chunks of bread. Such a treat in the middle of the week.

And, do you know what? I didn’t feel at all guilty about taking a few hours away from my work …

Repeating an old observation of mine:
When you travel, you experience the glossy façade of a culture; the images on a brochure.
But …
When you blog, you get a glimpse of the flesh and blood of other cultures; you see their grocery cupboards, their hopes and dreams, you feel their very heartbeats.


      • Love the UK version of Masterchef myself, never miss it if I can. Same as with The two greedy Italians series. The food channel here on SKY is my fav.
        ( B.t.w is die peep in challenge net vir julle regte cheffy people, of kan ons ander saam post? ‘n Kombuis weerspieel baie van ‘n blogger, dit is vir my vrek interresant om ander mense se kombuise te sien)

  1. Enjoyed your observation about travelling v blogging!

    What a lovely light, airy kitchen! and nice greenery outside that huge window… your cooker looks similar to mine…

  2. Nice feature, I love your kitchen. It’s about 219 times larger than mine, I would think. Mine’s not worth a picture. Or maybe because you can fit it on the back of a spoon, it is.

  3. Cindy, loved seeing what was in your kitchen, thanks for joining in! I have a big free-standing oven similar to yours, and I can’t imagine what life would be like without it! And your NoMU products look and sound delicious!

    I hope you’ll join in again next month – please feel free to leave another link and comment to direct people here if you do! 🙂

  4. What a lvoely large kitchen you have. LOVE all that counter space! And the industrial oven…yes, I’m drooling! I just want to be the person sitting at that table testing all the goodies that come from the stove!!!!

  5. So nice to be a voyeur in your kitchen! Messier than usual? Good lord – the floors have a beautiful sheen! My cooking space is much smaller and my munchkin has turned the fridge into her own personal creative space – magnets and drawings and bits and pieces that she’s accumulated on her many adventures. It makes for a fun evening in front of the hearth!

  6. The crispy fried red onions look delicious. I’ve never tried frying a slice of onion. I usually fry the rings or chopped if they are to be the flavor in a sauce. The chicken thighs with the special flavor of pistachio and sumac dipper look fabulous, also. You are a great cook! I like your beautiful kitchen with a table and chair set in it. Blessings, Cindy…

  7. If you think your kitchen is messy, you haven’t seen mine. . .as far as I’m concerned you’re just braggin’. LOL

    Love the quote. . .great thought, and actually true! So, from my culture to yours, a big “Howdy! Y’all!!

  8. Everything looks wonderful.

    Your kitchen is neater than mine, and I don’t have the excuse of an upcoming gig!!!

    Thanks for links to new blogs. Visited. Nice.

    Chicken w/sumac. Yum!

  9. Such a great idea; I love to see where people do their cooking, what they use. Mine is also very small, a galley kitchen, but the itsy bitsy space at least makes grabbing supplies and tools close, easy work.

  10. I love the quote you shared at the end. It’s true I do feel I know you better through reading your blog than if I’d had a cup of tea in your kitchen which, btw looks like a room I’d be very happy to cook in – I love your table and the huge window with the long wooden counter in front of it.

    I’ve developed allergies to chicken in the past decade – can you imagine – but I enjoy tasting it through your beautiful photos. Thanks.

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