Because of some computer problems I don’t quite understand (that’s what the IT geeks are there for), my last editing project went slightly over deadline and prevented me from blogging. I finally released the manuscript to the publisher yesterday and – as always – there’s a certain sense of loss that accompanies the relief of finishing a job. It’s much like saying goodbye at the end of a holiday romance.
Said computer glitches mean that I didn’t get email updates of posts on my friends’ blogs done between around 6pm on Saturday and around midday on Monday (GMT), so I am having to work my way around trying to catch up.

Tandy’s seasonal ingredient challenge of the week is to use pumpkin and squash. She didn’t specify what kind of squash, so I used butternut. I’d been tantalized when I read that she was cooking short ribs on Friday night, so I went out and bought some too; I was very keen to try out NoMU’s Cajun Rub and made a hearty stew and turned the leftovers into a really good soup (which I forgot to take a picture of).

Back to the topic of romance, I am completely smitten by these little fellows, so much so that I can’t bring myself to cook them yet. What a strange lass I am.



  1. I’ve been more absent than you, Cin, but I enjoy taking some time-outs. What do you mean that finishing a job is similar to leaving a holiday romance?? You just want us to think it’s safe to let you go to Italy, right? 😀

  2. Computer problems just eat up your life, don’t they.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the mushrooms.

  3. Glad you finished the project! That’s out of the way now. It looks like I’m going to make my friends website, how about that? Do I know all that much about it? Well, more than the average person. We’ll see. (Well, if she pays me for it she can say she had it done professionally, right?).

    Hope this week will be a bit quieter for you!

  4. Eek, I would have a screaming fit is something had to happen with my computer – YAY for Pete being so clever when it comes to these things and he understands my professional IT terminology like, thingy, doodat and whatyoumacallit etc.
    Your stew looks fabulous and what a great idea to turn the leftovers into soup.
    🙂 Mandy

  5. Those mushrooms are amazing! Thanks for taking part in the challenge 🙂 So glad you got the work submitted, even though a day late xxx

  6. If your computer problem is sorted out I’m really glad for you! The stew looks absolutely divine and those mushrooms… I was going to ask what they are, but someone commented on it. From your picture it looks like something I want to hang around my neck like jewelry 😉

    Hope you have a great day, Cin!

  7. I never had a computer glitch but I had something that could have been as bad — and that is a phone scam trying to get me to sign up for a virus protection warranty when I already had an ati-virus programme. fortunetely my friend put me straight and I ignored thye scammers who sounded like they came from the Phillipines or Indonesia though they said ‘Brisbane’. as if …..

  8. I want those tiny mushroom… I wanna toss them in a wok of hot oil with some oyster sauce and eat them right away with some hot rice 🙂

  9. they don’t last long with me. spray the pan, add a little garlic, and pan grill them. alone, on lovely toast, with egg, with steak, oh so many ways. they just don’t last in my home

  10. My Dad likes and they are so not my favorite even normal big/large ribs I never buy. I don,t like that you need to eat a bit much to really feel them. I like the work that you do, I find it interesting. There was a blogger who wanted help/advise on getting her Dad’s book published and told her about you. But she never told us if she ever came right. I will go on catching up on your older posts but will not leave comments 🙂

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  12. Project ends: mixed blessing.

    I love those little mushrooms. Also, our local Whole Foods sells packets of mixed wild mushrooms. Makes a fab risotto with onions and parmesan and fresh herbs.

    Well, I’ll be back to finish the tour later today when I log back into Musing by Moonlight. Meanwhile, happy weekend and thanks for your visits and comments, Cindy.


      • Sorry to confuse. Was doing the lazy thing.

        After I went to the grocery and inspired by you got some mushrooms for dinner. Thanks for the inspiration. Summer here, so no butternut squash yet, but predictably penty of zucchini.

        I things go as planned, will be going to an Alice Water’s event in Berkeley this August. Will send pics if I can go. 🙂 Wish you could be there too.

  13. Smitten by mushrooms — I have to admit you’re right — that is a little strange. I, too, love short ribs. We get them cut Maui-style. Then I slow cook them in a homemade barbecue sauce. As we just got a new 1/4 of beef I think I’m going to have to make some soon!

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