Lulubelle is a verbose dog, with a large vocal range. She yodels when I talk on the telephone, she whoops when it looks like she’s going to get a walk, she – literally – shrieks in distress if Diski goes through the fence to visit the neighbours’ dogs and her yelling at intruders is enough to put the fear of God into any would-be burglar.
And so it came to pass that Old Spouse, after a long and boozy business lunch, came home one Friday night and launched into conversation with the dogs. I eavesdropped as I cooked a burger for the man.
OS: Do you want a biscuit, Old Girl?
LB: Wroodleack.
OS: You’re an old greedyguts, aren’t you?
LB: Breefle.
OS: Come off it! It’s just metaphysical hunger!
LB: Ahoooreh!
OS: Go on! You can’t even spell it!
LB: Harrumphooooo!

They understand one another perfectly, those two do …

Best burger ever: peppered beef patty on ciabatta bread, topped with onion, chillies and Emmenthaler cheese.



  1. Ahhhh …. i am too busy drooling over the burger … ooooooh …. * I am calling Bubbles to comment on the talking thingy*** Bubblessssssssssss!!!! … beearch says that she is too busy to chat right now!!!! Dogs!!!!

  2. Oh Lulabelle is beautiful! My Darla is loud and bossy when people come in the door. She likes to supervise. And when I take the leashes out to walk her and Snorty, he start baying loud and crazy. I waited until after dark tonight and one of my neighbors came out too see what was wrong. The bread part looks good. But I only eat veggie burgers.

  3. That was a great funny blog , can just imagine that beautiful dog talking If OS was talking to him after a boozy lunch it must have seemed as though the dog was making more sense , maybe Lullabelle should have got the hamburger , it looks delicious
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend

  4. Metaphysical hunger. Must make a note of that one.
    Phil spends his life verbally insulting the dog, but the dog doesn’t understand words. the dog understands non-verbal language, and Phil exudes non-verbal adoration of the dog. They are both ecstatic in each other’s company.

  5. Lulubelle sounds like the perfect companion to keep Old Spouse busy while you’re in the kitchen! Their converstaion tickled me…thanks for sharing!

  6. Funny and sweet. Smelling this delicious looking hamburger, Ninio-the-beagle would lift his nose to the source of temptation, tilt his head to one side and look at me with Very interested eyes while licking his lips;)

  7. I just LOVED this, thank you! 🙂
    My dog talks too, he also sings and dances. Sometime I swear he is actually bowing down in prayer, I guess he has to with me as his owner. LMHO
    Love and hugs
    Lisa. xx 🙂

  8. My cat has a few words for Lullabelle apparently. He woke up from a dead sleep to the Harrumphooooo!

    It’s probably a good thing. Duc was probably developing a bed sore!

  9. Morning, Cin. Wonderful post. Lulubelle has the most beautiful eyes — can see that she is an intelligent companion. I miss having a dog, your post illustrates why. I feel for your woes over the cold — yesterday, here on the fourth of June, we woke up to a temp of plus 1 — the highest it got all day was plus 12. It’s still, strictly speaking only Springtime here, but we optimists believe it to be summer all ready. All I can say is that I’m glad I haven’t potted up any herbs yet! Have a fantastic weekend.

  10. ha, ha – love it! (Masterchef Man has similar conversations with the neighbour’s cat who, being a cat, says absolutely nothing in return)

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