My husband is a clever man. He’s a busy business executive; I’m told he is quite a force in the boardroom. He travels extensively for his business and, most weekends, he likes to kick back and relax, have a couple of beers or a Scotch, watch a game on TV and walk the dogs.
Occasionally, though, he does something that causes us all major distress. Original Bunn immediately goes to her room and puts her earphones on. The dogs, tails between their legs, slink off to hide under a shrub in the far corner of the garden. We know that, soon, the air will turn blue with cursing. If a hammer or – worse yet – a drill is involved; there is bound to be blasphemy, as happened this past weekend.
Yes, the man had decided that a bit of domesticity was in order and had got out his toolbox!
I shut myself in the kitchen. We were going to need some liquor soon, I was sure of it…



53 thoughts on “TOOLBOX ANXIETY

  1. Well that devine cocktail should have done the trick! Did you down both? I would have and then the cussing would not have worried me at all!

  2. Oh, dear! I suffer in much the same way with Hubs! He is one of those people who absolutely refuse to read directions, until he starts having trouble. Then goes back to read them only to discover that he has so far done everything wrong or backwards.

    I’ve taken to standing around him when he puts things together and I read the instructions to him, whether he wants me to or not, but things generally go better that way, and require less taking apart and starting over. . .

  3. Haha. That is very funny.
    My man just phones someone. I want a picture up, he phones someone. I have never actually seen him hold any other tool, but one that can be used on a bicycle.

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  5. Sitcom material from start to finish – would you could have filmed it for our amusement… But I can see why your preference would be to get out of the way. 😉

  6. So funny. I feel the same way. Our house is so old that if you start to fix one thing something else breaks so it’s never a good thing to see the tool box come out.

  7. My dear Cin…I swear I did not look at this until this minute. I just posted a similar subject! The waves of domesticity must be flying high these days.

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