A man walks up to a barcounter and asks the barman for a beer and a ginger square.
“A ginger square?” says the barman “Get out of here, who drinks ginger squares?”
“I’d like a beer and a ginger square, please.” The man repeats.
Barely controlling his mirth, the barman says “C’mon Mate, only whores and rugby players drink ginger squares!”
Jaw clenched, eyes steely, the man says “I like a beer for myself and a ginger square for my wife, thank you!”
The barman pauses for a second and says “What position does she play, then?”

It’s an old chestnut, but it was one of my dad’s favourite jokes. He had a small bar in our home when I was growing up; a tiny nook in a corner of the house, where he built a counter and put up some shelves, which he stacked with all kinds of liqueurs that nobody ever drank. One of these was Oude Meester Ginger Liqueur and I have been given a bottle with the challenge to create some recipes using it. I was quite surprised by the wave of nostalgia that swept over me when I saw the logo, although I am sure the shape of the bottle has changed. Inspired by Tandy’s tiramisu post yesterday, I’d gone out to buy a packet of boudoir biscuits, another delightful reminder of my childhood. Both these products are so redolent of the 70s that I’ve been inspired to create a 3 course meal on a 70s theme for the upcoming eat for the earth lunch.
Have a good Saturday, peeps, so glad to find you all still here this morning.
Eat For The Earth



  1. I adore all things made with ginger. Made a smoothie with different fruit, mango tofu, walnuts, pomegranate juice and a generous amount of ginger. Yum! Great reward after a 2 hour hike.

  2. you know I keep finding nostalgia is growing. I can’t work it out.

    In readyness for leaving the earth I’m doing all I can to take the Moet, caviar and Lindt with me, and just in case we can’t crry it in our hands, I’m making it a part of me

  3. A real blast from the past, both of those. Funny, I can just TASTE one of those boudoir bix although I haven’t set eyes on one for I don’t know how long.

    Surely dieting for the earth would make more sense? 🙂

  4. Boudoir biccies remind me of when my kids were little and they were a favourite.
    Ginger Squares – oh my, it’s been decades since I had one. No, I did not play rugby. 🙂

  5. I don’t know ‘ginger squares’… can you enlighten me please?

    I love ginger, especially with rhubarb, and in a casserole dish called ‘Gingered Beef.’ Delicious.

  6. Why is everyone listening to this crackpot? (Not you, Cindy, obviosly, the endoftheworld man) Does he have a degree in geophysics I haven’t come across?

    Seventies meal – hmm. Here in Britain they were grim. Don’t forget your Spam.

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  8. Wonderful joke, Cin! Have fun planning your retro themed dinner.

    I’ve never had Ginger Liquor or a Ginger Square . . . but I bet I would like both!

    I usually keep a jar of crystallized ginger on hand for curries and stir fries. It’s easy to use that peeling fresh ginger and has a delicious bite when eaten straight up.

    Also love pickled ginger and ginger in marmalade.

  9. Post title and that joke – LOL! even if it is an old chestnut. We can buy imported Boudoirs here. Is it just me or are they not as as substantial as they used to be when we were children? Looking forward to pics of your 70s themed lunch – I assume it extends to the dress code 😉

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