Mom, I don’t understand it. Why do they pay you to bring them food when they are actually taking photographs of food? Isn’t it a big waste?

The Bunn had come along to help me carry away my dishes from my lunchtime catering for a photographic shoot. She saw the detritus from the day’s stills; beautiful giant slices of pizza, mouthwatering shots of glorious, gleaming molten cheese and jewel;-like vegetables …

I explained (in a very rambling fashion that lead her to roll her eyes) how food stylists use tricks to make food look good for the camera. This funny child of mine was doubly enraged; by the waste of food and by the ethics of the matter. We got home and she went straight to the computer and soon called me to read this excellent article on the ethics. I’m quite proud of the kid.

That said, I am resolved to upping my food photos and have renewed my promise to myself that I will replace my point and shoot camera with a DSLR and a good lens as soon as I can afford it. But I will never resort to dirty tricks. After all, some food simply cannot made to look good.

Lousy trout eaten at Little Switzerland in the Drakensberg


Trivia of the day:

I just realised that on this date, 25 years ago, I got married for the first time. Also on this date back in 1947 B.F. Goodrich announced the development of the tubeless tire. Neither very exciting events, hey?



  1. Well done to your Bunn!
    I too am going to buy a decent camera – when though is the problem. It makes the world of a difference, well, just as soon as I have learnt how to use it that is.
    🙂 Mandy

  2. Rock on ~ your daughter sounds like she keeps the house lively in a wonderful way…ethics and food photos, love it! …will check the article tomorrow, must sleep ~

  3. She’s right, that is a waste of food – but what can you do? Magazine and tv pictures of food always look amazing. Actually, your pictures do too, Cindy, so maybe you’re right and no tricks are needed.

    Re: wedding day – of course your first wedding day is a momentous event! It may not have lasted but at the time it was a Big Thing.

  4. Gotta love the way the Bunn cut to the heart of the matter! A DSLR is a worthwhile investment along with a tripod for photographing without a flash in natural light (although most DSLRs now also have flash settings for different kinds of artificial light) –

  5. Good for Bunn!

    That food photo looks like – well I won’t tell you what it looks like, but suffice it to say it does not look like something that has not been eaten yet – rather the other way around, perhaps by my dog.

    Hope you get your camera! Would that we all had miracles like mine!

    As for that 25th anniversary – perhaps you could call it your “tarnished silver anniversary!” 😀

  6. Good for Bunn! Your trivia made me laugh…maybe you could open another bottle of that very rare wind by accident and have something a bit more exciting to add to the date!

  7. Some very delicious foods may not be not photogenic, while some very attractive foods may be less than delicious. Sometimes food that isn’t tasty has nothing to do with its preparation by the cook. Some food is so delicious that a bad cook cannot ruin it. Is this getting ridiculous? Give me a crack at it. I could ruin it. Ha! Blessings to you, Cindy

  8. Have to say I agree with your daughter on the issue of wasting food, but then again, after you’ve enlighten us how they make food look good, it is not exactly edible, now is it?

    Would have been 12 for me in March… my, my how different things would have been… maybe I would have been a mother today…

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