Anomic aphasia (anomia) is a type of aphasia characterized by problems recalling words or names. Subjects often use circumlocutions (speaking in a roundabout* way) in order to express a certain word for which they cannot remember the name. Sometimes the subject can recall the name when given clues. Sufferers are often frustrated when they know that they know the name, but cannot produce it. However, the person is able to speak with correct grammar, but the main problem is finding appropriate words to identify or describe an object or person. (wikipedia)

I don’t suffer from anomia, but – as I am getting older – I am saying strange things. I recall an incident, about two years ago. A friend was visiting my home for the first time and I wanted to caution her to not bump her head as she ascended my stairs. Instead, I blurted out ‘Don’t bite your nails!’ No idea why, she has lovely nails.

At lunch on Sunday, I spoke of someone’s business being liquidised, to Sidey’s great mirth. And, last night, I told my child ‘Eat your pigeon!’ After which no amount of convincing her that it was, in fact, chicken would get her to take a mouthful.

I don’t even have a recipe for pigeon …

*Sidey’s weekend theme contributions can be seen here.


72 thoughts on “WATCHERMACALLIT

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  2. I am willing to provide discount speech pathology sessions to my friends. 🙂 Of course, meals will need to be included in the price. 🙂 Good night my friend.

  3. Fairly and squarely, Cin – you win 😀 Email me your postal details and I will despatch scribble journal forthwith via registered mail. best wishes. bb

  4. All of a sudden I don’t know left from right when driving……I think my gravestone will say something like this:
    Hier lê tant Meraai, sy’t links gewys en regs gedraai.
    In my case it is too much cramped into one little brain!

  5. Good post! I’m happy to discover there’s a word for my condition. Like Tandy, I just thought I was getting old! 🙂

  6. I do this all the time, Cindy! Either it’s normal, or I’m not. 🙂

    I may say toothbrush for vaccuum cleaner or potato instead of bread. I have the feeling it’s just laziness.

  7. My sister does it all the time. She has even called me by her name.
    Cin, do you like having people in your kitchen when you cook or bake?

    • My mom used to get our names mixed up all the time 😉
      It depends what I am cooking, if I am catering I like to be alone / if I am making dinner for friends I like to chat while I cook.

  8. The problems of maturing. I think our brains just get too stuffed. I recently handed someone a dish of my Greek broccolli salad, while inviting her to have some banana. Embarrassing!

  9. Awesome take on the roundabout theme. I’ve been known to say some pretty strange things myself – I wonder why those are easier to remember than ordinary words that previously tripped off my tongue like nobody’s business? I’m glad to see you so matter-of-fact about the thing (I can find it quite unnerving).

  10. Mmmm, always wondered if there was a name for it. Pretty sure my Mom has it….., she comes out with the strangest things at the oddest times, usually resulting in me almost wetting my panties 🙂 Too funny 🙂
    Eat your pigeon indeed – that’s classic Mom 🙂

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