It’s the time of the year for taking stock of financial things; tax certificates and royalty statements are arriving in my post box. Last week brought a small cheque for royalties from a long-forgotten book. I decided to take the family out for lunch. I was keen on sushi, but we are a democratic household and I was outvoted by Original Bunn and her best friend and so we went to Moyo atZooLake.

Moyo is a franchised chain of restaurants with an African theme, essentially a tourist trap and very expensive. Still, the locations of all the branches are set in very pretty scenery and our local is in walking distance of our home. The kids love it because they can take a boat ride on the lake while we wait for our food and they enjoy having their faces painted by the staff and we go there fairly often, especially when we have guests from abroad.

Arguably, simple is always wise, and the burger is probably a better choice than the more exotic dishes on the menu. The girls chose this and the pumpkin and sweet potato bread rolls that encased the patty were a big win. Worth R60 each, I am not sure.

My own meal cost R160, fine enough, but no great shakes; South African Springbok (I didn’t know there were any other kind?) fillet wrapped in a brandy marinated chicken breast served on mashed potato, spinach and a sherry cream sauce. Old Spouse raved about his Samaki Kavu, a spicy fish curry (R130). 

As always, the service was dismal, but we managed to enjoy the afternoon anyway, despite the rowdy company at the table next-door.

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44 thoughts on “LUNCH AT THE LAKE

  1. That looks lovely. Sorry, but I guess I would be that tourist that gets “trapped” into a place like that. The only few days I ever had (home-made) South African food, it was absolutely delicious.

    But those birds, what a nuisance! It wouldn’t happen if the service was better and they cleared up faster. That would be annoying me no end!

  2. the birds are part of the south african ambience, begging everywhere

    glad your meal was better than my last one in CT at moyo.

    you picked what looks like the only sunny spell this weekend for outside, well done

  3. It must have been a wonderful lunch! I love outdoors lunches when the season is right, especially with kids: they make everything funnier! 🙂

  4. Maybe you could try the line I try here when I get quoted prices:
    “I’m a local, not a tourist – so what is the local price?” Works every time. *thumbs-up*
    The girls face paint looks very pretty.
    🙂 Mandy

  5. Looks like OB and her friend enjoyed the outing. It’s nice to eat outdoors, weather permitting.

    Guess your royalty check was quickly gobbled up. 😀

  6. What a nice way to spend an afternoon — one of these days you’ll have to do a currency conversion for me — have no idea what R160 would be in Canadian dollars. Restaurants are quite expensive here — especially chains, but if you want something gourmet or a ‘cut above’ you literally pay through the nose. Loved the face painting on (I’m assuming your daughter)– very pretty, both.

  7. I always love just being there. I dont always enjoy the food so much. I think it is very North African rather than South African. Wine is good! However, wine is good anywhere….. xx

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