Franco's Italian Restaurant, Parkview, Johannesburg

Food history for this date:

1810 Lewis M. Norton ofTroy,Pennsylvania was issued the firstU.S. patent for pineapple cheese. ( 


Broke a vase given to me by my late mother. Unattractive bout of weeping, with snot.

Daughter-teenager-stuff. Nuff said.


Uplifting breakfast with great friends, lead into a fabulous lunch. Nuff said.


New client, out of the blue, referred by an old client who said ‘she’s the best proofreader out there’. 


60 thoughts on “SUNDAY DUFs

  1. Sounds a bit more up than down, then? (given that the teenage stuff probably hasn’t stopped yet…) onwards! Have a good week.

  2. That’s a lot of ups, Cin! 🙂

    How nice to have a new client – hope you have the time to take her/him on.

    Mother-teenage stuff – just remember it won’t last forever, and chance are she will grow up to be a responsible adult eventually. Most of us do.

  3. Oh no, I am really sorry about your vase – not nice!
    I can only feel your pain with a step-daughter which is MUCH worse, no seriously MUCH worse!
    Brealunch – yay!
    A new client – BRILLIANT! Another one of many more to come.
    Have a happy Sunday.
    🙂 Mandy

  4. So sorry about the vase. Can well imagine how you felt 😦 But what an awesome thing that was said about you by an old client! who-hooo! Hope you have more of an ‘up’ Sunday than a ‘down’ 🙂

  5. Teenagers are there for contrast, to help one really appreciate the finer things in life!

    Your blog seems quite normal. I can’t understand why mine, in spite of two posts yesterday, has gone completely flat-line. Even when I wasn’t posting for weeks, I used to get one or two views a day. Now, in spite of far greater activity, utter zero!

  6. Just endured a sleep over of my dort and five of her friends, all of who seem to be in teenager mode already, and they’re only 10/11. My sanity is at risk….

    From The Old Foodie: “[He patented] a cheddar-style cheese cured in string bags which left criss-cross marks on the yellow surface of the cheese which were suggestive of the pineapple, hence the name. In other words, what he actually patented appears to be a particular shape and surface decoration, rather than a new cheese.”

    Wondering if I could “cure” 6 girls by stringing them up in bags…?

  7. Rigatoni Melanzane, sound good to me.
    I understand that horrible feeling in the gut as you miss the catch, sorry about the vase 😦

  8. Please, pray tell, WHAT IS PINEAPPLE CHEESE??? If you tell me this guy got a patent for mixing pineapple with cream cheee, then I’m going out to grab a patent for miXing, oh, I don’t know, let’s say sugar and eggs and vanilla with cream cheese, then baking it and making – I’ll call it a CHEESECAKE!! 😀

    • Please, in future, do not embarrass me by showing everybody that I don’t read all the comments before adding my own. . . Besides, by doing so, you robbed me of any hint of making an original coment, unless someone had asked the same question alread, eh, er. . . aw, forget it.

      Unless, of course, you don’t read this comment on a comment’s comment, in which case, forget that too.

      (Can’t talk now. Tongue in cheek. Think I’ll leave it there for the rest of the day. Keeps me quiet, but my mind keeps churning away.)

  9. How sad, about the vase, I’d cry too. Getting together with friends is a wonderful antidote for sadness, however – where would we be without them? And congrats on the new client… referrals are my absolute favourite way of getting them. 🙂

  10. Thanks to Greg for the explanation of Pineapple Cheese. His suggestion may require a #7?! Cin, I hope you can find a way of putting the (vase) remnants to good use in some creatively beautiful way.

  11. A wonderful list, Cindy, but very sorry to hear about your vase. Despite your obvious distress you still managed to make me smile with your snot reference. Perhaps you could take some of the remnants and use them in a mosaic, or add them to a shadow box filled with other treasured mementos of your mother? Congrats on the new client! Have a great week.

  12. I am so scared of the mother teenager crap that I will eventually become a part of. So scared.
    Sorry about the vase. I have a few pieces like that that were my grans. No matter what they will always be in our hearts.

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