une bouteille de celebration

shemersu, camestur, vildbali, woolluu …

No, they’re not words from a newly discovered ancient language. They’re automatically generated passwords when you try to comment on a friend’s posts at Blogger or Blogspot, to verify that you are not a robot. This after having your URL rejected as ‘contains illegal characters’. Some security settings require that you first log into Google before you can comment. This all becomes disheartening when you want to acknowledge a friend’s writing. I’ve solved this by commenting on their Facebook pages.

I’ve been blogging for just over three years now; today marks one year at WordPress. I came into this community a bit gun-shy; nobody visited my first post. Slowly, as I started archiving old posts from my previous platform, people started reading. Late one winter’s night, I stumbled upon Rik Scott and Nancy Hatch, then more and more friends; the world started to open up and now I am rich with friends, both new and old.

Thank you.

It would also be my Nan’s birthday today, I know she would have joined me in raising a glass of bubbly to my friend across the pond: Happy Birthday, Paula.

Champagne bottle sizes:
Huitième 1/8 bottle 9.4 cl 1 small glass
Quart – This is also called a split by some. 1/4 bottle 18.75 cl 2 small glasses
Demi-bouteille 1/2 bottle 37.5 cl 3 glasses
Bouteille 1 bottle 75 cl 6 glasses
Magnum – You can will imagine that this means big. 2 bottles 150 cl 12 glasses
Jeroboam – King of Israel in 9th century BC. 4 bottles 3 liters 24 glasses
Rehoboam – Son of Solomon and king of Israel in 10th century BC. 6 bottles 4.5 liters 36 glasses
Methuselah – Named after the bilbical patriarch who lived 969 ans (without any champagne!) 8 bottles 6 liters 48 glasses
Salmanazar – Named after an Assyrian king that lived in the 9th century BC. 12 bottles 9 liters 72 glasses
Balthazar – Named after a regent of Babylon, living in the 6th century BC. 16 bottles 12 liters 96 glasses
Nebuchadnezzar – The king of Babylon who lived in the 6th century BC. 20 bottles 15 liters 120 glasses

Source: easy-french-food.com


65 thoughts on “une bouteille de celebration

  1. Jumping blogosphere! Is it a year already? That Nancy nicely corralled a few of us! I had to chuckle to myself…on Facebook, I saw a picture of a bottle of wine and said, “Oh Cin’s just published!” T’was true! 😀

    Here’s to more!

  2. I would have read your first post if we had been here PROMISE! I think my blogaversary on WP has been and gone without me noticing 🙂 A salomon bottle is 20l. Have a super day xxx

  3. Hey, I take offence at “nobody visited my first post”!!

    So glad you never let the fiasco at that other place stop you from blogging Cindy.

    So, seeing as we’re on a foreign language trip this morning… Joyeux anniversaire à “The Only Cin” et complimenti per la bella Cindy – Möge sie lange herrschen! (Na shukrani kwa Google Translate!)

    May there be many, many more years of blogging to come.

    (PS. On a slightly freudenschade note, I see they still continue to have major tech and spam issues at that other place too – http://bit.ly/eGu3wo)

  4. Happy blogirthday Cin – a smooth latte for now and a merlot once the boeing has flown over, cheers 🙂 PS I used to work for the man on the label, what a character!

  5. Damn, I think my carefully crafted salutation landed up in comment spam 😦 Must have been all the foreign words…

    Suffice it to say then: Happy Blogirthday Cindy!

  6. Congratulations and happy blogaversary Cindy. May there be many many more beautiful days and blog posts for you (and for us!!) Have always loved your blog but then you do know that 🙂 Love you xx

  7. Happy blogging b-day! Hopefully the problem is resolved now :/ Thank you for persevering; you might very well have given up, but you didn’t. I appreciate that very much 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary.

    I am constantly surprised at how blogs coincide – I wrote about my two Nans on my poetry blog just yesterday.

    I hate those captcha things – seventeen minutes and umpteen inputs.

  9. Sorry I’ve missed this post: it’s so sweet… Nobody read my first post either, like many other bloggers’. I’m glad you have so many friends now and I’m happy to be one of them, though I really can’t be so active and read all your posts. 😦 The best part of my time is for my baby and this makes me the happiest woman in the world… 🙂

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