Did you know …

“Sprinkle with pepper and serve” is the last step in a recipe for diced pork and apples from the world’s oldest surviving cookbook, De Re Coquinaria (“On Cookery”), attributed to the 1st century Roman,  Apicius. –

Tomaraisins have been getting a lot of good press lately. Curious, I procured some of what a friend rightly calls ‘nothing but a small dried out tomato’. I fiddled; stuffing chicken breast with the little things, some basil, a sprinkle of pepper and wrapped them in bacon to bake. No great shakes at all.


I’ve been staring at a phrase I jotted down in my notebook at #FBI2011. I don’t remember which of the speakers mentioned it, or what is was in reference to, but the evidence is there in my own hand that I found it profound enough to pen it. Exceeding nicety. Google doesn’t help me, and gives me perplexing results, such as:

Let both the veal and the sweetbread be washed with exceeding nicety,


it was certainly veiled in most elegant attire,-and the more severe because of the exceeding nicety of the more than half concealed blade.

And, quite fascinating:

signified a wife or judicious choice, upon account they are said by the exceeding nicety of their smell to distinguish the best or choicest cheese…

It will just have to remain a mystery.

Not so the next note on my page, which says learn better knife skills

Indeed. But first a sprinkle of pepper on a nice bowl of leftover pasta, cream, mustard, chives and asparagus. Exceedingly nice, should get my engine running.


44 thoughts on “FOG BRAINED MONDAY

  1. I’m glad someone else makes incomprehensible notes! (although the clue might be a link between google’s second suggestion and your note on the next page…)

  2. I don’t keep a diary, but I have a note pad on my desk, which I date every day in which I write things to remember, often in a shorthand I can’t remember later. Telephone numbers of people I did attach the name to the number. Usually it works quite well, but sometimes it’s just my day in doodles.
    Chicken looks good.

  3. I have a to-do list that often has notes on it that I really don’t understand. They’re not as prozaïc as your beautiful lines, though.

    Learn better knife skills – that can only mean one thing! Good luck.

  4. If I remember correctly, exceeding nicety is to be particular, to like things done a ceratin way, to be repulsed by perceived vulgarity.

    Never heard of tomaraisins.

  5. Gosh, also no clue on the tomaraisins of it all – so sorry you’re feeling grim 😦 Does a proper massge help at all for sciatica? I shall have to seek other inspiration for m.f.m. as DH does not do asparagus at all, mores the pity. Look after yourself my friend – I cannot function without a list/notebook – my scribblings are often totally very confusing 😉

  6. Boy does that ever look yummy. The hubby sharpened my cutlery this weekend, and now I’m afraid to cook. (I cut myself all too often)That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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