On this day in 1633 Bananas were supposedly displayed in the shop window of merchant Thomas Johnson. This was the first time the banana had ever been seen in Great Britain. It would be more than 200 years before they were regularly imported.
In 1999 remains of a banana were found at a Tudor archaeological site on the banks of the Thames River. This would seem to date it 150 years earlier than Thomas Johnson’s banana. A classic food mystery!
– source:

I have nothing to say about bananas today. In fact, I don’t have a clue what to blog about, so I have decided that Sundays will henceforth be the days when I will resume an old blogging habit; that of DUFs. This was a concept introduced by a blog friend on my previous blogging platform; it’s basically a stock-take of one’s week; Downs, Ups and Forwards.


Fretting; haven’t made my editing deadline; not my fault – waiting for author comments on the final chapter.

Severe sciatic pain. Nuff said.


Bright, bright, sunshiny day.


My blog anniversary next week.

A foray to the Drakensberg soon, have made the world’s best rusks to take along.


44 thoughts on “YES SIR, WE HAVE NO BANANAS

  1. Loved the facts about bananas. Really interesting! Like the idea of DUFs but sorry to hear you are suffering from sciatic pain (I can sympathise with that)

  2. I think the only cure for sciatic pain is a banana cream pie! 😉 Concentrate on the Ups, keep an eye on the Downs and always use the Forwards as a cushion to rest your sciatic back…while you eat a thick slice of that pie of course. hugs

  3. I had hoped that relief for your back had materialized. Sorry that you’re still waiting for the pain to abate.

    Enjoy the day . . . and bake a banana cake slathered with caramel and whipped cream to celebrate one year on WP. 😀

  4. Well that’s an interesting thing to do. I should try that. Severe sciatic pain here! It started as I was making those Rice Krispie Treats. I was slightly leaning over the table breaking walnuts into a cup and when I straightened up it was as if I had been hit by lightening! It doesn’t seem to be getting better. Oh I hate it.

  5. Hello Cindy! Sorry about your sciatic pain. Something my massage therapist told me to try (and it really works) is: Lay on the floor with your butt up against the wall — your legs will be straight up resting against the wall. Hold that position for at least 20 minutes to a half-hour. (I always brought my book with me, or a nice blanket so I could take a nap.) Anyone entering the room you’re doing this is will look at you like you’re nuts, but it seriously does help with the pain. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!

  6. I’ve been looking for a versatile rusk recipe, Cindy. Thanks so much! Congratulations on your blog anniversary – you didn’t say how many years…?

  7. too funny…I had set out a banana to make my odd little almond butter/banana concoction and forgot as I was writing, so thank you!
    as an aside…have you ever tried pigeon pose for your sciatic issues… sorry you’re in pain, may you heal quickly!

  8. We have no bananas in our household at the moment because they are $15.95/kg (Cyclone Yasi and the QLD floods to blame) 😦 Have you tried this for sciatic? Sit on a chair, bring sore-leg ankle up to rest on opposite knee, hold ankle and gently lean forward while pressing gently down on sore-leg knee. (similar to pigeon pose and works a treat) Enjoy your autumn sojourn to the Berg 🙂

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