I’m in love with Chardonnays at the moment and Kleine Zalze has a fantastic Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2010.  It’s only been fermented in French oak for 5 months so you still get the lovely citrus and pear flavours and aromas; just softened by a creamy butterscotch finish at the back of the palate.  The wine is alive and not dull like some overly “oaked” Chardonnays tend to be. Fantastic! – Alexa

And so it was time to think about dessert. I didn’t want a pudding after that hearty lamb main course, and it’s far to cold for a fruit salad. The citrus and pear hints in Alexa’s note was making me think of cheese. A simple cheese platter to finish? No, I wanted something that would play with that butterscotch finish … and then I remembered reading about spicy caramalised walnuts … Ah! Baked figs with camembert. Just the very thing.

Because figs are plentiful and cheap at the moment, I bought a whole box. After making (and scoffing) the dessert. I set to making a fig-balsamic reduction and got to thinking about my Spaniard. I wonder why he’s gone so quiet?

Fig trivia from Wikipedia:

There are approximately 30 references to The Fig tree in the Bible (depending on the translation) and approximately 50 references to a vine. Some are literal and some metaphorical. These are in the Gospels:

  • The cursing of the barren fig tree by Jesus (Matthew 21:18-22), (Mark 11)
  • The parable of the barren fig tree (Luke 13:6-9)
  • The parable of the budding fig tree (Mar 13:28-29), (Mat 24:32-33), (Luke 21:29-31)
  • In chapter 15 of the gospel of John, Jesus says he is ‘the vine’.
  • There are also references to ‘the vineyard’ in the Old Testament, believed to be related to Israel in the prophesies of Isaiah.


  1. This is the first year that I have seen figs in the green grocers in Johannesburg. I know I had a bumper crop because of all the rain. Delicious and so versatile. 😀

  2. That fig and camembert looks absolutely divine! It’s so weird that you mention the Bible and the Fig tree..we were discussing the paranormal and Biblical references to the tree yesterday and the belief that you must never stand under a fig tree at night..

  3. Beautiful and tasty suggestions for our Easter meal ! It’s asparagus Season over here, what an exquisite entrée ! Fresh figs are a real treat and your receipe: une délicatesse ! As the main course, I was thinking of a gigot d’agneau. Sounds good ?

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