Cole’s Law: Thinly sliced cabbage … 

I’ve had some strong cravings lately; notably vinegary tastes, like my oriental coleslaw and rollmops. With a fridge choc-a-block full of weekend leftovers, and a looming deadline, I left Mister Taylor to see to his own supper and decided – for once – to observe Meat Free Monday and indulged in a three-course meal for myself. 

First up; red cabbage salad with tangerine, cucumber, cashew nuts and chilli; with a dressing of sugar, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, rice vinegar and Verlaque’s sweet basil infused olive oil.

My ‘main course’ was a rollmop with a potato boiled in vegetable broth. In my hunt for rollmops to satisfy my craving on Saturday, I enquired at our local Spar and the store manager led me to the cleaning isle. Embarrassed on his behalf, I bought a broom and left, crestfallen at my failed mission. My husband later found a jar of the elusive little herring at another store; just three in the jar, and what a delight they’ve been.

Small plates, you say? But of course; I had to tackle a large slice of Nigella’s hefty cake! I take back everything nasty I said about her yesterday, this cake really is worth the irritation I experienced while making it.

But now back to work, my deadline’s a day closer and – if she’s reading this – my publisher will scold me for wasting time. I hope she likes my newfound habit of using em dashes – I’m growing very fond of them 😉


61 thoughts on “MEAT FREE MONDAY

  1. Sounds delicious! – and, Cindy – I’ve been using the wonderful “-” for ages. Next – you must start using the beautiful – (and one of my favorite conceits) – the elipsis . . .Also, don’t forget about the lovely parnethetical phrase (another favorite).

  2. The salad sounds scrumptious, Cin, but I have never fancied rollmops. Nigella’s cake – well…!!! 😀

    I have always used a lot of dashes which I prefer in place of brackets. But I am finding I have to control myself not to over-use them!

    • Part of my brief is to mark up em dashes in the manuscript, I only recently learned how to do this and saved myself a lot of work; previously I’d try to edit them out 😉

  3. What finesse – buying a broom not to embarrass him. If it was me you probably would have left with a broom too haha. I’ve never seen (or heard of) those odd looking ‘thingies’. The salad looks colorful – though adventurous on the taste buds by the sound of the ingredients – the cake? DIVINE! Hope you meet your deadline with ease!

  4. You seemed to be the only one who actually took on my challenge!!! Everyone else was either a sissy, or me!!
    Looks so delicious! So it is a winner??? And I need to try it?? What time can I come for tea girl?

  5. LOL! Missed your mouth-watering posts, Cindy – not just the delicious photo’s, but the humour 😀 Rather like those dashes too, and the image of you among the mops! I hope Mister Taylor didn’t suffer a temporary identity crisis…and good luck with those deadlines!

  6. My husband is drooling over your rollmop. He loves pickled herring. I, on the other hand, am drooling over the salad and, of course, the cake. Delicious looking salad, Cindy. Blessings…

  7. That salad looks heavenly and just what I need right now – ok, off to buy ingredients as soon as I finish cleaning out my fridge (from which task I’ve been taking a longish break to read friends’ blogs).

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