And in general wine glasses should be made from the crystal clear and frosted glasses. Mostly colored glass should be avoided in preparing wine glasses since they might disturb seeing the wine color through the glass. [sic]


Side View’s theme this weekend is COLOURS, a topic close to my heart. When she visited my home for the first time almost three years ago, (we had first met face to face at a restaurant after knowing one another on the blogs for a while) she must have left and rushed home to take a Valium.

You see, true to her Scandinavian roots, Sidey leans toward the calming and tastefully neutral colour palate, whereas I – on the other hand – have an undisciplined bent for the baroque. In fact, you may go as far as to call me the queen of kitsch.  

Red, purple, gold, aquamarine … I adore colour.

And so to food, as is my wont … Thinking about this subject has, naturally, put me in mind of food; I’m thinking ruby red cabbage, emerald green beans and that indescribably rich brown of a slow-baked leg of lamb.

Yes, I do like colour.


45 thoughts on “COLOURS

  1. How boring I seem with my plain wine glasses. You’ve encouraged me to put some color in my life…pretty wine glasses to be exact! I do have some blue and some frosted blue ones, but that don’t seem quite jazzy enough after seeing these!

  2. I bought my house because of the color of the master bedroom and bath that is all in one large room – done in plum with white trim. After seven years, I still love waking up to the color.

  3. I hope that by this time next year my entire house will be repainted (inside) with soothing neutral colors. I have had some bright colors in my house for the past few years and now I am so ready for calm. Different shades of one color actually. We have one room down and four to go. The hall is too small to worry with and most of it has some form or another of a mural. I am leaning towards colorful dishes though!

  4. I love vibrant colors in paintings, and accessories, including dinner ware . . . and more muted shades for fixtures, like walls and carpet.

    I shall never install purple or fuschia carpet.

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