Caterwauling present participle of cat·er·waul Verb: (of a cat) Make a shrill howling or wailing noise…


In general, mankind, since the improvement in cookery, eats twice as much as nature requires. 

Benjamin Franklin


6 batches of puff pastry

3 cakes

3 loaves of bread

24 croissants

5 litres of fruit salad

5litres of grated cheese

2kgs of chopped/halved cherry tomatoes

1kg sliced Rosa tomatoes … I could go on and on …


I’m on day two of catering for a 3 day film shoot. That’s why I am not visiting blogs; I’ll catch up soon, OK? In the meantime, here’s yesterday’s banoffee cake.


Have a good day, friends, and don’t forget the food calendar; today is:

National Clams on the Half Shell Day
Tater Day
Oranges and Lemons Day

Which reminds me; 5 litres of orange juice …


45 thoughts on “CATER-WAULING

  1. Could I pleeeeese have a piece of the banoffee cake? Do I really have to make it myself???

    By the way, I’m going to try the recipe I sent you for the cabbage pie…the recipe that sounds ghastly but that everyone loves. I’m going to do that tonight -it’s 11:00 pm. Then if it doesn’t turn out, I’ll chalk it up to a bad dream. 😀

  2. Who declares these days? Are they like blog awards, does someone just wake up one day and think, I know, I’ll declare this Prune Appreciation Day? Or maybe its all a conspiracy on the part of the Tater Council.

    The catering seems to be really taking off. Hope you’re really enjoying it….the realisation of a long-held dream…

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