Would you like to swing on a star

carry moonbeams home in a jar

and be better off than you are

or would you rather be a mule


Side View’s weekend theme is STAR.

I’m too focussed on my work to think about anything clever; so here’s a recipe for the beef pies I made last night:

500g finely chopped rump steak 

1 large onion finely diced 

125ml beef stock (I used NoMU beef Fond)

1 tablespoon Balsamic reduction (I used Verlaque’s Porcini Mushroom)

2 tablespoons tomato paste

Pepper to taste 

Fry it all up, allow the liquid to reduce, let it cool down.

Cut 1 sheet ready rolled puff pastry into 8 rectangles. Place beef mixture onto 4 of these and place the remaining 4 on top; press down edges to seal. Bake at 180C until done, mine took 35 minutes.

Now back to work, because the HORRORscope for my STAR sign today does not bode well at all…

Hi Cindy-Ann! Here is your Daily Horoscope for Friday, March 25

Your deeply held beliefs are out in the open today, and you need to rely on them in order to get where you need to go. Things are getting more intense, and you need to show you’re up to the challenge!

Have a super weekend, my friends.

49 Comments Add yours

  1. Ooh yummy! I love the slices of tomato on top.
    🙂 Mandy

    1. theonlycin says:

      These pies are simple, the tomato just makes them perfect 🙂

  2. Is work going well?
    Never realised that pies were so so easy! Going to make these this weekend.

    1. theonlycin says:

      Work is going great, thanks, enjoy the pies, bokkie 🙂

  3. yadayadafishpaste says:

    Star, jar, are… ?MULE? Not quite as perfect as those pies (in my mind 😉 Pastry is one of the things I missed most while I was gone. Hopefully you’ll soon be able to add a well deserved break to your string of good fortune of late 🙂 In your case a holiday is as good as a holiday 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. theonlycin says:

      Going to Cape Town on the 21st for a few days of r&r 😀

      1. yadayadafishpaste says:

        Sounds W-O-N-derful! Something to look forward to 🙂

      2. theonlycin says:

        Just found out that ticket sales are astronomical at the moment; R18 000 for 4 tickets 😦 So not justifiable …

    1. theonlycin says:

      Wholesome and hearty 🙂

  4. adeeyoyo says:

    I would love to swing on a star! But never mind, I’ll make do with one of your delicious pies, Cin! Enjoy your weekend…

    1. theonlycin says:

      You too, adee, mine will – for the main part – be spent working.

  5. I love anything pastry, so will definitely have to try these! Enjoy your weekend Cindy xxx

    1. theonlycin says:

      Look forward to seeing your party pics, Sweetie 🙂

  6. I love that song, I remember we sung it in a choir when we were kids 🙂 Very yummy looking pie Cindy & another intriguing horoscope 😉

    1. theonlycin says:

      The horoscope is spot on, once again 😉
      Have a good weekend, Chef.

  7. SuziCate says:

    I actually thought it kind of clever! Happy weekend to you!

    1. theonlycin says:

      Thanks and same to you 🙂

  8. granny1947 says:

    Please don’t blog food when I am starving…not nice 🙂

  9. Love the stars. Pies are off the menu at present ;-(

    1. theonlycin says:

      Poor you *raises glass to Sidey*

  10. linda says:

    I love that song. I have an album with that song on it. I love old records.

    1. theonlycin says:

      Me too, used to laugh like a drain when my dad sang it 😀

  11. ★★★★★ that’s you!!

    1. theonlycin says:

      Wow, thanks Amy, ❤

  12. slpmartin says:

    That was one of favorite songs as a youth…must try that recipe…thanks!

    1. theonlycin says:

      Morning / evening, Charles 🙂

  13. Me, I fancy being a new jumped-up slippery kind of fish…

    That looks really nice, Cindy…

    1. theonlycin says:

      Yes, the mule thing is not an enticing option, Kate 😉

  14. That’s one good old song. La la la la la! Your beef pie looks good, too. Yummy. Blessings to you…

    1. theonlycin says:

      And back at you 🙂 xxx

  15. nursemyra says:

    I’m not sure I have any deeply held beliefs…..

    1. theonlycin says:

      My deepest held belief is that avocado isn’t half as good without salt and pepper ;p

  16. nrhatch says:

    Love that song . . . or would you rather be a fish?

    1. theonlycin says:

      What’s with you and Kate and this fish business? 😉

    2. nrhatch says:

      We like the idea of fooling the fishermen.

    3. bluebee says:

      Not now that Camel Man has chopped its head off

  17. Tandy says:

    thanks for some weekend inspiration! May the evening stars find you 🙂

    1. theonlycin says:

      Slept like a baby 🙂

  18. gospelwriter says:

    Oh, those meat pies do look so good! – {grumbles as she looks into near-empty fridge} guess I’ll have to settle for a plain old ham sandwich…

    1. theonlycin says:

      The pies freeze well 🙂

  19. Hopestar says:

    Looks delish!

  20. Jamie Dedes says:

    Hope you had a fab weekend, Cindy. Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  21. bluebee says:

    I loved that song as a kid and now I’ve got ‘Animal Crackers in My Soup” going around in my head

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