A mundane sandwich is not worthwhile. Like life, bread should be respected and savoured; layers of filling should be carefully selected, with due attention given to each element.

My life is a Dagwood sandwich at the moment; work is plentiful, although with very tight time constraints creating a spicy undercurrent of the mildest panic. The cheese, of course, is the reward of completing a job well done; the very affirmation of self at the end of it all.

I typed the above as a preamble to the post I wanted to blog today.

And then I checked my emails and found today’s horoscope.

Hi Cindy-Ann! Here is your Daily Horoscope for Thursday, March 24

You’re moving along at a great pace without any real awareness of how you’re doing it – which is how it should be. Save the self-awareness for some other time, as you are really in the flow now.

Uncanny, really … but best I not linger too long.

Take another big bite and get on with it, Cindy.



  1. I shall be meditating on life as metaphorical sandwich all day 🙂 And I now Maddie’s jam sandwiches seem a little dull….must google for some adventurous children’s packed lunch sanwiches….

  2. Working by (or for) yourself, I find, is a different kind of discipline. That poetic sandwich does sound divine though; don’t blame you for being distracted by it. I would be too! 🙂

  3. I think moms need to think about that when they make lunch for their kids. I hated my sandwiches at school. They always had a spread….just…. And I had made them. I longed for exciting fillings. But that cost money, and we didn’t always have much. I even remember making a sandwich with butter and sugar. How shocking is that?? Haha. I was proud that day.
    Enjoy your day!!!

  4. Love this bit, ‘… a spicy undercurrent of the mildest panic..’ how well I know that feeling! I’m into rolls at the moment, but how do you get them to keep fresh for a couple of days??? 😉

  5. What a delish combo – is it a “dark” bread for lack of a better word to use? I like the additional depth the darker loaves provide. Great post yesterday as well which I missed reading until now, similar thoughts I see and apologies for same adjectives used – no pinching, you have my word. Best of luck with the work load 🙂

  6. Wonderful! I have always felt that a good sandwich, well stacked is among the most delectable and satisfying of meals! It reminds me of my Dad: He could put together a sandwich like no one else could! Even from the most ordinary and mundane filling choices, his sandwiches always looked and tasted perfect. My Mom and I figured that he had some magic dust on his hands, though, because we would follow along behind him on the sandwich line, and do PRECISELY the same thing he did, and our sandwiches NEVER looked or tasted the same (we always took a bite of his!)

    Thanks for the reminder. Maybe I’ll have a sandwich for lunch! 😀

  7. Not a great sandwich fan myself: certainly not ones made in the morning ready for lunch time. (Reminds me too much of morning sickness….)

    I make fresh seeded bread most days, so there’s bread ready for Cyclo… but I prefer something hot if I can take leftovers and mike them that suits me!

  8. I like the notion of the added cheese as a reward 🙂 So envious of that delicious black bread – had to give up bread (well, the decent, delicious kind) a while ago. Sob!

  9. Nothing like good bread. Still working on gluten-free versions that are as satisfying as wheat. A challenge – Drooling here. Your sandwhich looks wonderful! Yum!

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