Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside
I do like to be beside the sea!

But I am not, so all I can do is daydream … and eat prawns, I guess.

Enough about prawns, I hear you all groan, and it is Sunday, and I haven’t done one of my Sunday lists for the longest time, so here goes … FIVE THINGS ABOUT THE PAST WEEK:

  1. My photographs are a joke.
    I know this, because I went off to a local photographic store to invest in some equipment to ‘up my game’. The shop is manned by professional photographers. Allocated to me was a very kind man named Pierre. I explained that I wanted an infinity curve table and, perhaps, some lights and asked his advice. He asked to see some of my photos so that he could make recommendations. As he looked at my blog posts on his computer, poor Pierre clung like an aphid to the counter to stop himself from falling to the floor. His face went puce as he tried to contain his laughter. He didn’t say I should lock my camera away and never touch it again, but he recommended a ‘cameras for dummies’ course that will cost all of the earnings from my current project.
  2. My current project
    is one I wish I could write about. The subject matter is so modern and so relevant and we’d all have so much fun dissecting it. But I can’t, so we’ll just have to wait until the book is published. What I can share is that a publisher sent me my editors-copy of the book I edited last year; the project that saved me from camping. The book is Germany’s Genocide of the Herero; Kaiser Wilhelm II, His General, His Settlers, His Soldiers by Jeremy Sarkin. It’s always very satisfying to see a project finally printed.
  3. The weather
    has been most unseasonal. There’s been a lot of rain and there are puddles everywhere. It’s so damp that I saw two toads hopping around in our passage. I screamed for my husband to take them out into the garden. He said they didn’t come from the garden, our witch-in-training-pre-teen-daughter had hatched them in her bedroom.
  4. My husband
    was in the dogbox yesterday. He took it upon himself to make himself a steak, using my brand new Le Creuset griddle pan. The man’s style of cooking involves flinging condiments on top of whatever he’s frying; in went soy sauce, chutney, ketchup … all burnt down to a kind of indestructible tar-like coating on the pan. I scoured for two hours. Thanks to Side View’s advice, I can now share with the world that filling a burnt pan with fabric softener, and allowing it to boil down completely, is the solution. Pan looks new again. The house is filled with artificial scent of StaSoft Tender Peach, soft as a mother’s love … but this will pass before Our Alice gets back from her weekend and gets cross because she thinks I have been usurping her laundry duties.
  5. The laundry
    I have nothing to share about the laundry, so here is a picture of prawns and linguini, my desk-lunch on Wednesday.



  1. What a delightful post my friend.
    Your photos are great…pompous Pierre was trying to sell you a camera.
    What a great tip with the stasoft…I shall try it..thanks Sidey.
    I also want an Alice…sulk.

  2. Kate’s Alice came to you?

    It’s nice to finally hear what that secret project was. I hope we’ll hear about this one when it comes out (if not you’ll be skinned with a blunt teaspoon)

    Pierre probably only does large landscapes, aeroplanes,, cruiseliners and aircraft carrier pictures, your beautiful pictures of more intimate stuff probably baffled him.

  3. OMG, that hint about the fabric softener is worth gold to me. You have no idea! Thank you! I’ve been working on my favorite pot for days now. Blessings …

    Yum! on the pasta and prawns.

    Off to do the pot …

  4. I loved having an Alice, but the laundry remains one thing I prefer doing myself. Simply too pedantic. The pasta looks sublime! Maybe it’s time to consider having some myself. So relieved that the pan is sorted! However, no Stasoft tast..? The pictures can be a sensitive topic indeed. Rather than just swallowing laughter I, however, would love feedback telling me what I’m doing right and what I could do better. That would be nice. Having them critique’d however can be painful nonetheless. A camera course could serve you very well – you know. Maybe you should just investigate different options. There are some more expensive and some less: depends on who presents it, what you’re looking for, and what equipment you’ve got. I still want to do one too – bought my camera but went overseas before I could attend (fully booked) – was included with the camera, but now I have to pay for it 😦 Frogs? I also prefer them outside! Enjoy your Sunday, Cin 🙂

    • No stasoft taste, thank goodness.
      What I’d really like is for a professional photographer to come here, to where I am taking the photos and to guide me through a practical lesson, because I can’t make use of theory alone. I’m considering upgrading my camera, but don’t know if it’s worth it when I haven’t mastered the current model yet.
      You have a super Sunday too, Hon. xxx

      • I hear you on the photography. However, the two courses that I know of require that you pitch with your fully charged camera and they actually teach you about your equipment and achieving great pictures. I know Nikon does this, and other photographer friend on FB (with his own business also do different courses, depending on what you photograph – his prices is more reasonable than Nikon.) Nikon is a full day course. The other one is 5 or so hours, I think.

  5. 1. Pierre’s bum – your photos are great!
    2. Sounds like your current project is loads of fun!
    3. It seems the weather is deurmekaar everywhere!
    4. StaSoft – brilliant – half want to burn something to test it.
    5. I have no Alice so am off to hang a load of laundry.
    🙂 Mandy

  6. Love your daydream in blue and linguini aux crevettes ! Tell Pierre we are Many who are enjoying your pictures. As for the Creuset pans…beautiful and resistant, aren´t they ? Lovely Sunday to you, Cindy.

  7. Sorry, I have to add that, even though I’m not a professional photographer, I really like your photo’s and occasionally I try some things that I see from your pics. There’s always someone who does it better so we have something to aspire to. There’s always someone who learns from us, even if we don’t know or realize it 🙂

  8. Omigoodness, I’m jumping with joy over the fabric softener! I have several Le Creusets and I’ve burnt them all!! My hob will be steaming merrily. Thanks to yourself and Sidey…
    Alice and witches. That is quite spooky. Whatever will we write about next?

  9. Pierre talks Merde – your pics are great and as for that prawn linguine – I want some.

    Also…………………. teenage – loved that – oh my word I can only wish you the very best of luck!!
    So glad the husband is out of the dog box but maybe you should hide your special cookware from him (I used to do that with the kids)

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